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Jungle Gym: Healthy Monkeys, Chunky Wallets

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Get fit, stay consistent, earn Banano. That is what we do here.

The Jungle Gym is an online fitness accountability group that rewards people in Banano cryptocurrency for accomplishing team based exercise goals.

How does that work?

Discord: the Jungle Gym is located on Discord, where the BanFam FitFam hang out in a special channel and share our wins, losses, goals, and the occasional excuse or two. This is also where we brainstorm what we think our team goals should be, and get ideas for exercises we can do.

Google Sheets:

we track our exercises in a custom made tracker through sheets. It works on all platforms including mobile. All Fit Fam members get to share the same sheet and we can all see each others progress. We are able to see whether you are doing it or not, and can help by providing feedback. You can get access to the Fit Fam tracking sheet by signing up through this Google Form. Please message Oops once you have completed the form and he will create you a section within the team sheet.

Wallets: we earn Banano, which requires a wallet to hold your rewards. Generally through The Vault or the Kalium mobile app. At the start of each week (Monday) a new smart goal is set by the group. Each member then sends 2000 Bananos to the address: ban_3fitdad5aqkjaec4tr8isbxxn1bignc8xf7oijd7bbrm1orhe63ioscy9z1k as a commitment to themselves and the others that they will accomplish the goal. At the end of each week (Sunday) we split the contents of the wallet between all the members who accomplished the team goal. There is always a little extra in the pot so if you hit your goal you are guaranteed to earn at least a small profit. You are not required to send to the weekly pot to participate in the group. This is an optional rewards program for those that wish to participate.

Is this for me?

If this excites you. If you like earning Bananos, and getting healthier in the process. If you like the idea of not having to come up with your own goals by yourself. If you know exactly what you're supposed to do but for some reason just don't do it. If you want a group of your friends to hold you accountable. If you are a talented procrastinator like me. This might be the thing you've been looking for. Get fit, stay consistent, earn Banano.

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Oct 10, 2020

Signed up.- Fit Ban fam best ban fam.

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