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Freerice Holiday Event - Help Donate Food to Charity and Earn Banano + NFTs!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Event runs from December 16th to December 25th.

What is Freerice?

If you haven't heard of Freerice, it's a site that was created in 2007 by John Breen as a tool to help his son study for the SATs, which he later donated directly to the charity. The concept is simple and addicting. There are multiple choice questions (by default, vocabulary.) If you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme (run by the UN) via ad revenue and sponsors.

While it takes some time for that to add up, all of us together in the Freerice group combine to donate some serious food. We are working our way up the Freerice leaderboard like we did with Folding@Home.

Stats From Our Last Event

  • 15,607,290 grains of rice donated (That's enough to feed someone for about 780 days when supplemented with basic nutrients.)

  • 404 Freerice group members

  • 111 people have donated at least 20,000 grains (a day's worth of food)

  • 72 people donated at least 50,000 grains

  • 40,893 Banano was paid to participants (At an average rate of 317.41 grains of rice to 1 Banano.)

  • The average and median Banano earnings of participants were 131 and 23.20, respectively.

  • Speadsheet - Full breakdown of rice/Banano stats from the last event

What's New This Event?

  • NFTs - We've set up a WAX wallet to hand out some NFTs this time. If you are new to the NFT world, check out Cryptomonkeys, an amazing Banano-themed project. Some kind monkeys have already donated a few of their extra Cryptomonkey stacks to the wallet.

  • Privacy - Addresses/social names won't be posted this time. There is a form for entry and PM entry is also encouraged. The goal was for transparency last time, but privacy was a request for this time.

  • Cheater Detection - A big issue last time was the amount of rice some players were earning. While there were plenty of people that really busted their butts playing, there were a few that were definitely doing something fishy. For the most part, the % cap on Banano last time helped, but this time should be better. We also have a program able to detect Rice per Minute, so we should be able to better manage the situation once we get started.

  • Other Communities - We are still working out the details, but are hoping for other similar communities to join and compete with us. Not only would it give us/them more exposure, it would get more people playing and earning coins.

How to Get Started

  1. Make an account at

  2. Once logged in, join our Banano group by clicking here or entering the group code: A7G4VWT7

  3. We'll just need your Freerice username and Banano Address. You can use the form on this website, comment on any of our Reddit/Discord threads, or send me a private message to keep things hidden. (Reddit - OviRussianSpy, Discord - Matt#2698)

  4. Once you're in the Freerice group, go play! All your rice will count towards the group total, and you'll be paid for your contribution after the end of the event (End of Christmas day EST.)

  5. Check out this spreadsheet to keep up with stats.

Freerice Tips

  1. There are now a few dozen categories besides the default vocabulary. If you're looking for something super fast, try Multiplication Table!

  2. You can get to the next question faster if you click or tap as soon as your answer turns green. It will cut down a lot on the transition time.

  3. Freerice works great on all devices. The mobile version of the site works just as well as the full site for most.

  4. Throw on some Netflix or JungleTV on another screen while you play!


  1. Event runs from 00:00 December 16th to 23:59 December 25th. All times are EST unless otherwise stated.

  2. Participants are paid equal to their percentage of group's rice earned multiplied by the Banano pot. (Your Rice Earned / Group Total) x Banano. [If you earn 1% of the rice, you earn 1% of the Banano.]

  3. Payments will be capped to discourage cheating. There are certainly ways to game Freerice, but this is a way to reward the community for doing something great. If you want to take advantage of the site, we ask that you just do not join our group.

Donation/Payment Info

How can I help?

We'd really appreciate it if you shared this event with your Banano (and other) buddies. Obviously, BAN and NFT donations help encourage others to participate, but the more people we tell, the more rice we earn for charity. 5 minutes of rice earning a day adds up when there are hundreds of us.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped bring this second event together. The first one was way more successful than we had hoped, and this one looks even better! As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. We want to make this a fun, productive source of distribution in the future.

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Received a NFT of Freerice Contributor. Thanks

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07 ene 2022
Contestando a

Cheers, thanks again for participating! There will be an announcement about the collection and the upcoming event soon.

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