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Freerice #3 Recap

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Thanks again to everyone who helped us start off the new year with a bang. We donated over 13 million grains to the World Food Programme, as well as over 8000 Banano to five great charities.

Donations have been sent (see event sheet charity tab for details) to charities, plus BAN and NFTs have been sent to participants. As always, if anything seems off, please reach out to me.

(As of this post, there are still two new NFTs to be distributed to some monkeys who hit our cap or went a little further. They should be distributed today.)

How Did We Do?
  • 13,166,090 grains of rice donated (about 650 days of food)

  • 462 participants

  • 141 earned at least 20,000 grains (one day of food)

  • 58 earned at least 69,420 grains (Nice.)

  • Average Rice Donated - 30,197 grains (Median - 7535 grains)

  • 16417.02 BAN split between charities and participants

We're now over 60 million grains (about 3000 days of food) and in the top 10 overall on Freerice!

New Freerice NFTs!

In addition to being one of our highest rice earners, Aalee has been hard at working crafting some new rewards for everyone! Check out the entire Freerice NFT collection on AtomicHub. There are two new Freerice NFTs this time, as an extra reward for those who earned a good bit of rice.

  • Contributor - (271) - Sent to anyone who earned at least 1,900 grains.

  • Farmer - (113) - Sent to those who earned at least 20,000 grains.

  • Legend - (65) - Sent to those who earned at least 50,000 grains.

  • Sushi Cat (New!) - (46) - Sent to those who earned at least 69,420 grains.

  • Mr. Rice (New!) - (19) - Sent to those who earned at least 119,000 grains.

In addition to these rewards, 20 CryptomonKeys were distributed to those with the highest rice totals. Thanks again to the Banano and CryptomonKey team!

Did You Join Us for Rice Night?

Rice Night was possibly the most fun part of this event. In case you missed it, we organized a quick two-hour block on JungleTV on 1/19. Viewers queued the best rice videos they could find, from recipes, to music, farming, and more. We got to give away a lot of Banano, an original NFT for the event (below), and had almost 50 people playing Freerice at the same time! The turnout was way better than I had hoped for, and we can't wait to do fun mini-events like these again soon.

Freerice Website Updated!

Freerice recently added several new categories, including animals, derivatives, root words, movies, and biology! This gives us some new things to learn and some more ways to mix it up for next time.

Now What?

This event had a lot more active players. Thanks to the Banano Team, we were able to give out rains and tips to people that were active on Freerice, especially on Discord and during the Rice Night event on JungleTV.

For our next event, be ready for something a little different. We'll be doing something a little shorter before our next ten day event, giving everyone more chances to support charities and earn some sweet NFTs. Keep an eye out for some news in the next week or two!

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1 Comment

Jan 31, 2022

Amazing event! Eagerly waiting for the next one.

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