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Meef Quiz

Want to get better at maths? Want to show off your math skills? Want to win some sweet tasty banano?

Check out Meef Quiz!

How to participate:

0. Be a citizen

2. Solve the question on the website.

3. Send a private message to maffs#1206 on discord with your answer.

4. If your answer is correct, you will receive a juicy banano split reward with all the other smart monkeys who have solved the question!

A new question will be posted once every few days. Keep an eye out on the🔥-contest-submissions channel on discord, because bansplits and new meefquiz question announcements will be there!

What if I am not a citizen but I want to participate?

Feel free to still message me with your answer to the meef quiz, and even though you won't be able to receive the banano split, you may still get a banano tip from meefs for your efforts!

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Tera Martin
Tera Martin
19 abr 2020

This is way advanced for me in math. I have never been good with geometry or trigonometry. Good luck everyone!

Me gusta
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