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MINER MONKEY - The NFT for everyone.

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

There's something really beautiful about card 36 "MINER MONKEY", from the cryptomonKeys NFT collectibles series. Really, take a minute, look at it. It has a great smile, gold nuggets and colorful gems in the background, and Banan(o)s everywhere. What else do you need? For me it stands out not just because it's one of @soggyapplepie's better creations, or because there are all kinds of little signs and symbols to discover in the painting, but mostly I think it's beautiful because of what that card represents. Let me explain.

The "MINER MONKEY" represents every blockchain currencies enthusiast out there. It represents our efforts to be part of this economical revolution in this new wild west we call the cryptospace. The miner is the most basic form of "blockchain social involvement" as it was imagined by the creators of the first blockchains. The miner donates the little computing power that he or she can afford to donate and by doing so they secure and stabilize the decentralized blockchain network. The miner is the individual trying to help make the world a better place, one kilobyte at a time. Another aspect in which MINER MONKEY appeals to all crypto fans out there is the fact that it pays a tribute to the leading blockchain projects of the cryptospace. As one carefully examines the card, one can recognize the symbols of Etherium , Bitcoin, Doge, and Banano hidden within the walls of the mine depicted in the card. But for me, the most important part about this card, together with what I have described so far, is the fact that this card is a "common".

Every card in the cryptomonKeys NFTs series has a predefined "rarity", which means that for every card there is a predefined number of copies that are minted, with their distribution followed and documented on the WAX blockchain. While so far the cards of epic (only 91 copies) and legendary (only 19 copies) rarity have gotten most the attention, MONKEY MINER is a common card, which means that 9119 copies of that beautiful card will be minted. It also means that at the current state of the of the cryptomonKeys project, anyone who wants a MONKEY MINER will probably get one (but not for very long), Which truly makes the MONKEY MINER the cryptomonKey for everyone.

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