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MonkeyBowl 58: Jungle TV Superbowl Squares!

Updated: Feb 2

Hey Banano enthusiasts! Get ready to swing into the Super Bowl spirit with Jungle TV's exciting event! This weekend, brace yourselves for the exclusive return of the Nifty Raffle. It's a one-weekend-only opportunity to play some of your favorite videos on Jungle TV and get a spot on our Super Bowl Squares raffle extravaganza. This weekend is your chance to win! We have over 5000 banano and 100 cryptomonKeys to give away, and I'm sure you will all have a ball! So pay close attention!

How to Score Big:

Set up your Jungle TV account and link your wax address like a pro! (for more help check the FAQ

Queue up 2 videos on each day's Nifty Raffle time slots: Curious about Nifty Raffles? Get the lowdown here  

Mark those dates; it's game time!

Channel your inner luck monkey and await the results – it could be your time to shine!

Prize Formation:

The top 100 luckiest entries enter the playing field, each securing a place on the grid and a guaranteed 19 banano and a cryptomonkey NFT. But that's not all – the winning row and column claim an extra 119 ban, and the champion of the grid pockets a whopping 1000 ban! Secure your spot on the grid, and victory is yours! #JungleTVSuperbowlFun

Event Details:

First Window:

Opens: 2 PM (ET) on Friday, 2nd of February

Closes: 2 PM (ET) on Saturday, 3rd of February

Second Window:

Opens: 2 PM (ET) on Saturday, 3rd of February

Closes: 2 PM (ET) on Sunday, 4th of February

Super Bowl Start Time:

Kicking off the following week on Sunday, February 11th, at 6:30 PM (ET)

What is Superbowl Squares? Each day of the raffle, the 50 luckiest entrants are systematically placed into a grid using 100% rig proof mathematical formulas and the cutting edge in cryptography! To see the grid, go here:

For any assistance, feel free to reach out to Maily, 3meow, or Jimothy in the Banano Discord! Don't miss out on this exclusive weekend opportunity to queue up your favorite videos and join in the Banano and Superbowl fun. #JungleTVSuperbowlFun

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