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Hampton's Movie Trivia Night

Join Hampton and the Jungle for a fun-filled Movie Trivia Night. There will be roughly 20 questions and 2000 BANANO distributed during this event.

When: Friday, June 11th at 9pm EST / June 12th 0100 UTC

Where: #events-and-giveaways-and-bots channel on the BANANO Discord server

Prize Breakdown

EASY Questions: 19 BAN

MEDIUM Questions: 69 BAN

HARD Questions: 119 BAN


- You must tag @sloth#7218 with the correct answer in the # events-and-giveaways-and-bots channel on BANANO Discord.

- Spelling matters. Edited messages will be ignored.

- First correct answer receives a reward based on the question's difficulty.

- Maximum of 3 correct guesses per individual.

See you there!

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