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My Horrifying experience at The Jungle (creepypasta)

Hey Ban Fam i used to be active here a lot but haven’t stopped in for some time.

I got a weird DM from an account called “3:00 AM” just after I joined The Jungle saying that my family was cursed and there was “no scape for the alts” I replied with a laugh and suddenly my account got deleted… I didn’t know what to do and even discord support could not tell me what happened.

Finally I got my account back but my discord was acting all strange so I had to send my pc to the store because I thought it had some kind of virus. At the same time I noticed weird shit was happening in my house. The main problem was with both my lights and television turning on and off when I knew I left them the other way before leaving the room and returning. I actually witnessed them going out. But they were always the opposite of how I left them.

The only real thing I noticed with my discord was that I kept finding weird friends or random images in my folders that I never knowingly added or downloaded.

I fear my family could be in danger or even worst… my banano seed.

Long story short this got me thinking... do you think it could ever be possible for some kind of paranormal entity to either fuck with my account or even maybe could the Banano server be the original source of whatever is fucking up my house.

Pic mostly unrelated- just the only thing I still had saved from when I used to be on here a lot.

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