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[NEWS] BANANO Experiences Temporary New Groove

Last week certainly brought a lot of commotion across the BANANO Republic; the hustle and bustle and bullshit is a pattern which can be observed any time there is a role change in the community. The one constant that we can always rely on, however, is that BANANO always has its two beloved dictators: renesq and ChocolateFUDCake.. Right?

Wrong. Your biggest nightmares have come true. No, not the one with all the old people and the nudity. The one where CFC announces himself Emperor.

His Emperorship came amidst some other community promotions, including our Community Avenger .. we mean, Community Manager, Purian23, who was promoted to the Yellow Palace of Jungle Junta.

The Daily Peel wishes to congratulate Purian on his well-deserved promotion, and CFC on being himself.

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