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[NEWS] SoggyApplePie Publishes 'FakeNews'

Everyone knows SoggyApplePie - she's Editor-in-chief for the Daily Peel, super active in the BANANO community, and simply the best Soggy you ever could wish for. Now, in her very recent article about the temp emperor ChocolateFudCake and the well deserved promotion of Purian23 to Jungle Junta, she's spreading obvious fake news, which I simply can't leave uncommented.

Fake News is a huge problem these days. It's made up wrong information used to manipulate people, and the term is often also inappropriately used to discredit legitimate criticism or distract people from it (yes Donald, I'm talking about you!). But how did Soggy misinform the community? She simply left out highly relevant information. Not telling the whole story can give people a wrong impression or lead to them missing key information as well. So here's the missing part:

On the same day Purian was promoted to Jungle Junta, SoggyApplePie was promoted to Community Manager! Yay!!! Community Managers are absolutely key for the community. They basically are involved in everything concerning the community, and on top of this they contribute specific key talents to make BANANO even better, day by day. Soggy in particular has created amazingly many things in the background, has helped unbelievably many noobs and newbies joining BANANO, organized shitloads of events, and always has an open ear for everyone. I probably forgot quite a bit.

On top of this, she's one of the most gifted artists I know, and she tirelessly created unbelievably bantastic graphics with her gifted hands. Below are just a few examples only from the last few days:

BANANO Monthly Update artwork:

BANANO Ecosystem Spotlight artwork:

Black Monkey Faucetgame Artwork:

BananoJobs Artwork:

BananoMarket Artwork:

This list could go on and on actually :)

Soggy is just amazing. I'm very happy to have such a talent on board. I'm always happy when she's around. YUUUUUUUGE Congrats to the promotion Soggy! It's very well deserved, and I'd vote for you should you ever become emperor :raugh:

Stay as you are, you're just awesome!

May the 19 be with you <3

Your fan,


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