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[OPINION] Gambling Is For Fun Money

So Here's The Peel

Don't gamble with what you can't afford to lose

We aren't going to sugar coat it for you - if you are gambling because you need the money, you shouldn't be.

When you gamble, you are paying for a service (entertainment) with the added bonus that you could win something. There is plenty of merit to gambling. It has that salty sweet combo of adrenaline spiking thrills and winning turned into bills. There is a reason every major culture throughout history has had some form of gambling.

So Here's What Really Grinds My Rind Gambling is an expense. Gambling is not an income Long term, you will lose more than you win, unless you are a very rare exception.

The House makes money. They are a business. If they didn't make money (from you) they wouldn't stay in business. They have the edge. There are many ways to use your money to make more money, and gambling is not one of them. Unless you are some all knowing savant or statistical god, in which case you are misusing your powers and should reach out to us via the contact form or chat so we can help you turn that brain into the big bucks.

So here it is summed up. There is nothing wrong with gambling. There is a lot wrong with gambling using money you cannot afford to be losing, because that's what you're going to do.. you're going to lose it. If you're going to be upset when you leave with a big 0, don't do it in the first place. It's that simple. If you think you may be addicted to gambling, there are people who can help. Do you need someone to talk to? In the past we have also offered a full serve custodial service to hold your juicey bananos in our top secret safe. Good luck out there! Protip: If you're going to be playing often, be sure to track your net profit/loss #GrindmyRind #Oops #Opinion

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