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[OPINION] More Than a Virtual World

Often we interact with hundreds of people on different social networks. We meet people who are truly magnificent, and others not so much... but they all have something to teach us.

One of the great characteristics of Banano is our community. Every day many people come together and although it seems that everything is lived on a screen, there are people behind them. Great, fun and talented people….

A sample of them is given in our events like Bango. This event that is carried out by SoggyAplePie. Putting that background music 'Dancing In The Moonlight' that makes the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Or the BANANO World Trivia of Ahmed, where all the communities can participate.

(although Kron is always the first winner. But we all love Kron. He will always greet you and help).

Or the incredible karaokes carried out by the Spanish community. They really are amazing.

And not only is this part of the big Banano events, because often there are mini-trivia on the channels. How Furios and his decision determines that 2 + 2 is Benis.

Even when we have a bad day someone will undoubtedly make us smile by being a complete stranger, there's a little bit of Banano magic.

Like that special Iazid reminder that sometimes reminds us to stay hydrated.

Even those giveaways that Bruno sponsors and wins himself.

Everything is fun. And it is material for many memes. There are countless small things that make us great. Beyond being a virtual community, we are a family. Together we try to improve every day and that is what makes our community, even if it is virtual, very powerful. Being such a large community carries more individual responsibility, so every day we work together.

I think the only controversy really raised is: 19 or 23?

I am happy to be part of this project.

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