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[EVENT] Chibi's Annual Radio Marathon

It's the day Rythm has been anticipating for an entire year. The pinnacle of discord radio celebrations. Chibi's Annual Radio Marathon returns for it's second beat-blasting ban-braining bananzo!

I dont know who made this meme, but they are awesome

Last year, we hosted the radio event of all radio events. MonKeys from the many jungles united under the jungle drum as we queued up over 36 HOURS of BANger music. We partied so hard and rained so often the Nano rain minimum (then Naneroos) had to be increased 300% (50k naneroos to 150k naneroos). Too which the Banano community revolted and the minimum was compromised at 100k naneroos (0.01 nano). It was an amazing day with lots of fun and some heroes who stepped up to DJ some of the juicey high-potassium musical sets that made us say "oh man we're going to have to do this again next year".

Well... it's next year, and we're doing it 🎉

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Jun 01, 2021

I'm putting my party dress on right now! EDIT: LMAO I just realized this was posted months ago, woops!

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