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[Event] REMOTICONS - The emoticon’s puzzle

Credit to @ondevento for the beautiful design.

Strangest and craziest monkeys are meeting like every day in the jungle. During the usual pranks they notice some oddities. The emoticons look crazy! But what's going on? Their superior intelligence begins to display REBUS....

The event of the year is here!

Finally they will be able to play the most whimsical game ever organized: REMOTICONS - The emoticon' s puzzle.

The game consists of 10 rounds. In each round a rebus made with emoticons will be posted and the solution must be found within two minutes.


1 9 6

A Clockwork Orange

How to Participate:

* Be a member of Banano Discord server.

* It is NOT necessary to be a Citizen to participate.

* Fill out this form By: March 09 , 22:59 UTC.

* Stay tuned and follow instructions wisely in the # 🌴-the-jungle channel on the indicated day and time.

* Speed connection on, faster correct typing will be rewarded.

Event details:

* The fastest rule applies.

* First correct answer win.

* Multiple replies are allowed but not spamming.

* If no one guess, i share hints.

* One win per person.

* Editing answer is not allowed.

* REBUS are in English.


March 10, 20:00 UTC.


# 🌴-the-jungle channel and the Stage on the BANANO Discord server.


All partecipants: receive a Rare stack.
1 correct answer: a random Nft.

Event Date:

March 10, 20:00 UTC Place: Banano Discord Server the Jungle.


#1: If you want to participate for cryptomonKeys and monkeystacks NFTs prizes you must have a wax wallet. Click here for video on how to get a free Wax wallet using Anchor and AtomicHub.

#2: This event is open to everyone (you don't need the Citizen role on the Banano Discord server to participate).

#3: The jury may disqualify any entry that doesn't follow the rules , at our discretion.

If you have questions please contact @onde vento#6612.

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