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Round 1 Voting: 2023 BANAcademy Awards

Welcome to Round 1 Voting of the 2023 BANAcademy Awards!

There are tons or Awards with trophies being distributed this year, with more than 250000 BAN in prizes! Vote for Best Memes, Happy Helper, and many more. Each Award comes with its own unique description. Please read through them carefully. For a complete list of 2023 Awards and descriptions, CLICK HERE.

Round 1 Voting Ends: December 19 @ 19 00 Eastern

You may vote in whatever order and "speed" you prefer, as long as your votes are submitted by the end of the Round 1 Voting period.


- You must be a BANANO Discord Citizen to be eligible to vote - You must vote for Citizens within the BANANO Discord server - You cannot vote for yourself - You cannot vote more than once per Round (1 voting form per person) - You cannot vote for more than one person. EXCEPTION: you can vote for teams or groups* *this exception only applies to the Best Distribution Method Award, Best Project for BANANO Adoption Award, and the Entertainter Award. Please vote for the BANANO Citizen you believe best represents each Award. Descriptions of the awards are provided for you, so please read and consider them carefully.


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