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SirPricks Chile Verde

3+ pounds of pork shoulder, You can use tenderloin as well or butt. Different textures of end product. Pat pork dry with paper towels. Season with Salt, Chile Powder(I mix New Mexico, California, and Cayenne in a jar), Ground Cumin, half a lime juice. A coat of olive oil.

  • I normally let marinate for a couple hours or overnight.

  • Depending on weight of pork(larger cuts need more)- 2- limes 5+ tomatillos 3-5 Pasilla Peppers 3 -5 Anaheim 3-5 Jalepeno 2-4 Habenero/Ghost Pepper/Whatever you can handle (Optional) Garlic Cloves to preference If you have a gas stove I would roast the peppers over the open flame till they blister, otherwise preheat oven to 450

  • Place everything on a baking sheet and roast for 5 min, flip, roast for another 5 Monitor the smaller peppers as they roast faster and should be removed sooner.

  • Peel Pasilla and Anaheim and Deseed. I cut all the peppers in half and only deseed the Pasilla and Anaheim Place half the above ingredients into blender. Squeeze whole lime in, add salt and cumin LIQUIFY Coat bottom of crockpot with a little of that Throw in pork on high. Add rest of blended mix. Blend other half of peppers and tomatillos and throw on top. Leave on High for an hour, flip pork leave on high for another hour. Reduce to low Flip occasionally. At about hour 7 you can break down the pork with a spoon or whatever. Every time

  • I pull the lid off I dispense condensate into sink. Most of the juices will soak into the pork. I normally let cook for 8-16 hours

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Rocco Vettori
Rocco Vettori
May 12, 2022


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