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aKu vs SSJLink Presents South Park Trivia on cryptomonKeys Twitch!

Are you ready to travel to Colorado? aKu loves South Park! SSJ4Link also loves South Park. aKu and Link have been creating a South Park Trivia for some time for the Banano community but we have now decided to take it to the next level and do it LIVE ON TWITCH!!!!! This will represent the first time Link has shown his face, don’t miss it. Oh, did we forget to say you can also win some cryptomonKeys and Banano prizes? You can…..


Tuesday May 31st 1930pm UTC


  1. MUST have your accounts linked on Monkey Connect ( You will need to have your Banano address, Wax address and Twitch account linked to the site. If you do not have them linked, you will not be able to receive any prizes. Make sure to do this BEFORE the stream.

  2. At the scheduled time; join the stream →

  3. Answer a question (30 total) and win a cryptomonKeys drop and some Banano! We will explain the full rules during the stream.

Prizes: 30 cryptomonKeys drops + 2070 bans to be awarded!

Each audience member that gets a correct question will get a cryptomonKeys drop AND 69 Bananos.

Limited to 1 correct per member

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