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Thanksgiving WizardFEST w/ CryptomonKeys and 19,019 BANANO in Prizes!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

IT IS I! TriggerHaven, returning from my break with EXCITING NEWS.

Thanksgiving WizardFEST: November Marbles!

Featuring: + 60 Common CryptomonKeys

+ 8 Uncommon CryptomonKeys

+ 4 Rare CryptomonKeys

+ 1 Epic CryptomonKey

+ 20 CryptomonKey Packs + 19019 $Banano When: November 2nd - December 2nd Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays @ 18:00 UTC

NOTE: We will not have official races during the week of Thanksgiving (Nov. 23rd, 24th, 25th)

Have a FOMO-free Thanksgiving week with your family!


15 Races a week at 18:00 UTC: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Type !play during each of the 5 daily marble races: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday held during 18:00 UTC.

*Racers must have a valid email and phone number registered with Twitch in order to participate in the races.

*Racers MUST register for the event to receive prizes. Failure to register before end of the event (12 AM December 3rd, UTC) means forfeiture of any and all prizes.

Daily Prizes: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

5 Common CryptomonKeys: one to each race winner which is included in a Bag of Hodling ✨ Bundle with other potential prizes from other sponsors.

Weekly Prize Leaderboard

Each week has 15 races. Additional projects may join in the fun and add prizes to the Weekly Leaderboard! (For example, Week 1 features 19 Assets from HalfandAwake) Points do not carry over from previous weeks for this prize pool.

At minimum:

1st Place : Rare CryptomonKey

2nd Place : Uncommon CryptomonKey

3rd Place : Uncommon CryptomonKey Epic Cryptomonkey Wheel Spin

1 Epic CryptomonKey will be placed in the "Wheel of Quiznos" which viewers may spin with loyalty points called "Trigs" earned from watching the stream! Be sure to hang around after the races to earn more trigs to have more chances at the Epic CryptomonKey.

It will be very hard to land on the Epic, but there are other NFT prizes on the wheel as well! If the Epic is not pulled by the end of the event, I will host a free raffle on the final racing day.

Monthly Prizes

1 Monkey Pack will be sent to the top 19 from the entire month's races, with an extra prize to the MOST REKT (died the most times). Additionally, I will distribute 19019 $Banano evenly to the top 20 racers for this event!

Thank you for supporting my channel over the years. I remain committed to bringing free, fun, and engaging streams to you all! Quiznos and I look forward to seeing you! 😺 Your own personal Wizard, ✨TriggerHaven🧙‍♂️

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