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The BANime Club

Hey Banano Community,

I'd like to introduce to all of you a community that started late last year. The BANime Club is a discord community that supports both Banano and Anime. Whether you want to chat about Banano, cryptocurrency, anime, manga, or anything in between, the BANime Club is the place to go! We currently have a number of goals for this next year that I'd like to share today.

- Weekly Anime Watch Parties

- Various Events/Contests such as artwork, cosplay, and anime trivia

- Further connection with the general Banano community

- Develop as well as connect with anime emoji servers for nitro users

- Anime Discussion Meetups in Voice and Text Channels

- Continued Community Growth

All that and more are planned for 2022 and beyond. I hope you'll take the time to stop by the community and see what there is to offer.

Managed by The BAN Father and Very Cute Cat. Shoutout to Anemone for the server icon and article banner artwork.

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1 Comment

Champ Rockwell
Champ Rockwell
Jan 17, 2022

great idea!

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