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Uplift World Build Off

Have you ever played Minecraft or would like to give it a try? Now is your chance to not only have fun playing the game but also win Banano, CryptomonKeys, Upliftium and WAX!!! Yes, yes you read correctly! All of the above is at your reach! You can either join alone or make a team of up to 7 members. After you figured out if you are a lone or a team builder, all you have to do to take part at the build off is to send a DM to DrYunani#1126 with your Uplift World username/s !

Of course the builds have to be Banano or CryptomonKey themed.

Prizes information: The WAX and Upliftium is given directly to any player in the game automatically once a week from Uplift World and it is depended on your activity in the game. The CryptomonKeys are dropped by DrYunani#1126 for builds complete. You can build as many builds as you like! The Banano prizes are as follows: 1st place: 1919 BAN 2nd place: 1019 BAN 3rd place: 606 BAN Every completed build will receive between 30-100 BAN, the more complex the build the more BAN! You got until Friday the 1st of October at 17:00 UTC to finish your builds.

Instructions to Join the Uplift World:

1st: Install in your computer Minecraft Java. 2nd: Get a WAX account. You can get a free one at 3rd: Head to, login with your WAX account and connect your Minecraft username.

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