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[NEWS] #WhoTipsTheTippers

As it is with every 19th of the month, the Jungles were full of rains from many moderators, managers, and developers. What has been different for the last couple 19ths, however, is a new trend that has emerged from BANANO’s Italian community and has begun to sweep across the entire Discord server. The trend is called #WhoTipsTheTippers, and it started as a day to recognize the many working hands behind the scenes and on the front lines of BANANO. Now, it has evolved into a day of expressing appreciation to all of the generous monkeys who play into the ecosystem and culture of sharing, teaching, and support that our communities are known for.

But, who better to tell you all about #WhoTipsTheTippers than one of the organizers themselves? The Daily Peel caught up with Lore for an interview to get some more insight on the initiative, how and why it came to be, and how it has come to grow over the last couple months.

The interview began with Lore describing their initial experiences entering the BANANO community.

“I started my adventure here in Banano only a couple of months ago I guess and I was not sure about what to find in a place like this. The first weeks have been strange and the relation with the community has been built day after day and many things happened during this time.”

“I noticed that a lot of people: moderators, people from other Jungles and in other parts of the world, and people we have never met, every day are so generous and spread their own banano to friends and non friends” says Lore.

“They are not obliged to do that, but they do.”

“Some days ago, a stranger who I had never heard of before, Gurre, started to rain for many days, [with] big tips to everyone. I received from Gurre the biggest tips ever (200-300-500..1000 BAN..). Why?

I was thinking in a way to say THANK YOU! So I decided to start from a question: who tips the tippers? Well the answer is.. me, us, anyone want to say thank you with the amount they can, no obligation.”

“So I decided to start a test to repeat this every 19th of the month at 19:19:19 Italian time, with an average of 5 tips of 19 BAN each. I don't have to tell you why 19 🙂”

(We have a feeling it has something to do with potassium or benis)

“[I wanted] to see how good behaviour can become viral. After awhile, people started to send random 19 BAN tips to any people they love... We enjoyed it”.

And The Daily Peel enjoyed it too! It was great to observe so many tips ranging from 1.9 BAN to 119 BAN and beyond, flying all over the Jungle.

“We started with a kind thank you to Gurre and tipping him for a while with no stop. Then, it became viral [with no] specific target. If you have been tipped, it means that someone was thinking of you”.

“It's important to let to know people that their generosity has been noticed during the time.”

These gestures truly mean a great deal. Many of us stumble into the Jungles of BANANO naked and afraid, and soon are embraced by the community and offered guidance, suggestions, and even sometimes a little BAN to get you started.

Lore continues...

I started without any banano waiting for a citizenship and alone. Today I have many banano, a knowledge about Discord, our community, this coin... but the most important thing is the good people I've found here. Part of my digital family is here

I am sure this has been a common occurrence for many of us here. It has been said many times, but it can not be said enough: in a world of uncertainty and chaos and change, it is truly amazing to have BANANO as a constant. A constant source of good friends, fun conversations, and truly selfless people.

“I remember one comment, when someone said with surprise “it seems that all the italian country invaded and moved here..." or something like that. I guess it was a kind of an invasion”.

I am sure that it can be said on behalf of many members of our community, that the invasions are welcomed. We look forward to next month’s #WhoTipsTheTippers, and we hope to see you showing some BAN love!

The Daily Peel would like to thank Lore for starting this trend, and for taking time to be interviewed by us! We would also like to thank the Italian community for bringing this trend life. Thanks everybody! C U Next (Nine)Teenth!

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1 commentaire

21 juil. 2020

Italian invasion of Banano love. These things are the dynamics of a healthy and wholesome community. Mille grazie amici italiani 🧡

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