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Wizard Marbles : September 10k Bananos and NFT Prizes

It is I! Your own personal wizard, TriggerHaven, here to announce another Monthly Marbles Leaderboard! This time with NFT news! Yes, Quiznos and I have been gathering partners for additional prizes every time you race or hang out with us on Twitch, including additional Weekly Leaderboards for big NFTs!

I have 10,000 Banano to give on Twitch this month! 5,000 will be used for the leaderboard, and 5,000 will be used toward games and rains on my stream! Additionally I have CryptomonKeys and other NFT prizes from our sponsors hiding in Bags of Hodling ✨🧙‍♂️ that you can earn from winning races! This month's sponsors include:

Follow and Subscribe to never miss a race. Subscribers also get special access to the Triglet Academy of Wizards in my discord, where more fun and community can be found.

I will be splitting prizes to the leaderboard at the end of the month and doing giveaways EVERY STREAM!

How do I enter a race, you ask?! Easy! Every race starts with a 1 minute countdown. All you have to do is type "!play" in the twitch chat when it's time to race!

Regular Race Timeline

  • Tuesday 18:00 UTC

  • Wednesday 18:00 UTC

  • Thursday 18:00 UTC

Leaderboard Points

Points will be awarded to the top 30 racers each race and added to a leaderboard throughout the month. Points will increase as the month goes on. Week 2, points will be doubled. Week 3, points are tripled, and so on. If you join later in the month you still can have a chance to win!

Prizing Pool Split

Leaderboard Prize Pool: 5,000 BAN

  • 1st Place - 1250

  • 2nd Place - 1000

  • 3rd Place - 750

  • 4th Place - 550

  • 5th Place - 250

  • 6th Place - 200

  • 19th Place - 500


See you there!

If you'd like to contribute to this prize pool, you may donate bananos to the Stream's Prize Address. Additionally, please contact me if you'd like to sponsor any NFT prizes!

Prize Pool Address


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