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[EVENT] XMAS Emoji Design Contest

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Submissions Close: December 13, 19 00 EST

This Holiday season, we intend to host another round of the hit community game BANGO and we need your help! We want amazing BANANO community-made XMAS and Holiday themed emojis for BANGO, so we are hosting a XMAS themed Emoji Design Contest. The top 25 entries will win prizes and be featured on this year's XMAS BANGO cards!!🎄🎅 There is 42000 BANANO and 10 cryptomonKeys NFTs as prizes to be won! Here is the prize breakdown: 🥇1st - 7000 BAN 🥈2nd - 5000 BAN 🏅3rd, 4th, 5th - 2000 BAN each 🙊Cryptomonkey NFTs for the Top 10 🏆15000 BANsplit amongst all submissions that are included on the Bango Cards 🎁9000 BAN being given away in special secret rewards Please submit your entries to #🔥-contest-submissions-results on the Banano Discord Please make sure emoji dimensions are a perfect square Please make sure emojis have a transparent (cropped) background

Submissions Close: December 13, 19 00 EST This event is open to anyone (you do not need the citizen role to participate) You may submit unlimited entries, but will only receive prizes for your highest voted submission. All submissions have the potential to be included in BANGO.

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