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[EVENT] 2020 BANAcademy Awards List

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

2020 has been a wild one, and it is finally coming to a close. The biggest event of the year is nearly here to close things up on the right note - The BANAcademy Awards!

Vote for Best Memes, Most Likely to EXITSCAM, Worst Shill, Mr & Miss Banano, and many more! We are giving away over 50 Awards this year, and over 250000 BAN in Prizes!


The BANAcademy Awards are broken up into 4 Main Categories: the Best Awards, the Most Likely to Awards, Miscellaneous Awards, and Mr & Miss BANANO.

Each Award comes with its own unique description. Please read through them carefully. Here, you can consider potential monKeys you’d like to nominate for certain Awards, or even find inspiration to campaign for an Award of your own!

Credits to bb8 for the Flyers!

“Best” Awards

This section of awards is to recognize some of our specific role members and contributors to the BANANO coin and community.

Best Junta Award

The monKeys that are truly the backbone of BANANO, it deserves to be recognized that the Jungle Junta put a lot of time and energy into what they do. This award aims to give special props the Core team member that goes above and beyond in their duties, has a great relationship with the community, and is just all around BANtastic.

Best Community Manager Award

Let's be honest, we know that us monKeys can be a lot to manage at times- and for that, we are all grateful. This award goes to the CM who handles their duties, has a great relationship with the community, and does that little bit extra.

Best BANANO Police Award

The Best BANANO Police Award should be considered for a moderator who is regularly active, helpful, approachable, has a great relationship with the community, and extends themselves above and beyond for the betterment of the community and memes as a whole.

Best Primate Award

Primates play a pivotal role in finding fair and creative ways to distribute BAN, which involves a huge amount of on-and-behind the scenes work. This Award aims to recognize a special Primate who fosters endlessly fun environments ripe with BANANO.

Best Citizen Award

The Best Citizen Award should be considered for a monkey who is active, friendly, helpful, shares and contributes, and is an all around positive addition to the BANANO community. They can be relied on to answer questions, maintain a fun and meme-rich atmosphere, and set a good example for others.

Best Memes Award

In a memecoin, meme energy is something that flows through all of us- but some of us possess a seemingly innate ability to create memes which set the standard, nay, the expectation, of true meme quality. The Best Memes Award should be considered for a monKey who truly understands the meaning and application of memes, and has contributed relevant, popular, funny, and all around outstanding memes for the BANANO community and culture. This is considered a very prestigious Award, so think carefully!

Best Emojis Award

Emojis are the tiny Internet windows to our souls. They give us a certain... Expression of life. The Best Emojis Award should be considered for a monKey who has contributed relevant, popular, clean, and all around outstanding emojis for the BANANO community and culture. This includes the creators of seasonal emojis, contest emojis, server emojis, and more!

Best GIFs Award

GIFs play another pivotal role in maintaining our meme-rich ecosphere. The Best GIFs Award should be considered for a monKey who has contributed well-timed, funny, relevant, popular, clean, and all around outstanding GIFs for the BANANO community and culture.

Best Game/Distribution Method Award

The BANANO ecosystem is comprised of many faucets, contests, events, and games that aim to get BAN into your hands. The Best Game/Distribution Method Award should be considered for the monKey(s) who have it figured out when it comes down to giving the people what they want.

Best Project for BANANO Adoption Award

One of BANANO’s strongest qualities is the number of community-driven projects that exist for the purpose of expanding BANANO’s reach in the cryptosphere, increasing mainstream adoption, and changing how people view the world of digital assets. The Best Project for BANANO Adoption Award deserves to go to the monKey(s) who have created a truly exceptional project for BANANO.

Best BANAcademy Campaign Award

It is safe to say that BANAcademy Awards season in BANANO is full of unpredictable campaigns, many of which show the true meme energy that lies within the Jungles of the Republic. The Best BANAcademy Campaign Award deserves to go to the monKey who, regardless of win or lose, truly ran an unforgettable campaign.

“Most Likely to” Awards

Most Likely to EXITSCAM Award

The Most Likely to EXITSCAM Award should be considered for a monKey who would probably leave it all if they won the BANANO jackpot.

Most Likely to Have an Alt Ring Award

Come on.. We all know you have theories.

Most Likely to Compromise a Seed Award

Do you know somebody who is forgetful, prone to mistakes, maybe even a little careless? Would they misplace their wallet or forget they have something secret copied to their clipboard? Perhaps they are a little slow and are still figuring out the difference between an address and a private key. If any of these things reminded you of somebody, you should probably vote for them to win the Most Likely to Compromise a Seed Award.

Most Likely to Dump in a Panic Award

Some people don't have it in them to stick it out when the going gets rough. The Most Likely to Dump in a Panic Award is for somebody who seems like they would abandon ship too soon.

Most Likely to HODL Too Long Award

The opposite of to dump in a panic is to HODL Too Long. Maybe it's the sentimental value, maybe it's laziness, but this award belongs in the hard, clutching hands of somebody who just ... can't let go

Most Likely to Store Crypto on an Exchange, Only to Find Out a Year Later That the Exchange No Longer Exists and Neither Does the Coin Award

This monKey only checks their cryptocurrency balances when Bitcoin is mentioned in the news. This award should go to a monKey that may not know that their Bitconnect balance is worthless yet, or a monKey who still thinks Nano is $25 and that their stash is safely stored in their Bitgrail wallet.

Most Likely to Be a Bad Babysitter Award

We don’t know.. some of you just seem like you would be terrible with kids.

Most Likely to Send Nudes to a Catfish Award

Gullible. Hopelessly Romantic. Thirsty. Overly body confident. Whatever the reason, one of you is the Most Likely to Send Nudes to a Catfish.

Most Likely to Be a Catfish Award

This award is calling for all "18 year old college guys", questionable profile pictures, and snapchat filter bandits. Do you know somebody who likes to live somewhat of a double life online? This award is for the monKey who tries a little too hard to get the goods.

Most Likely to Start a Cult Award

A wise man once said on the topic of cults: "you have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader". The Most Likely to Start a Cult Award deserves to go to a monKey who seems like they would have great tasting Kool-Aid.

Most Likely to Join a Cult Award

Everybody here likes a good ol’ fashion cult, but some of us know better than to go lurking too deep into the darkness that is the Internet. We say *some*, because there’s bound to be someone who is Most Likely to Join a Cult, and that is who this Award belongs to.

Most Likely to Rig a Giveaway Award

Some say it's luck, some say it's :RIGGED:. Whether it's their own giveaways or the rest of the giveaways, the Most Likely to Rig a Giveaway Award is for a monKey who just seems to walk away with more giveaway wins than the rest of us.

Most Likely to Get Arrested Award

Bantanamo Jail: a horror to some, a home to others. The Most Likely to Get Arrested Award should be considered for a monKey who has a history of offenses, or who just seems like they are going to crack someday, or (preferably) both.

Most Likely to Get Arrested IRL Award

No judgements. But this is for a monKey who is more likely than any other to spend some time in jail IRL. If you know of a monkey that you might see in an episode of COPS!, drunkenly shouting at a raccoon, this Award is for them.

Most Likely to Fat Finger Award

It could be a giveaway donation or a buy/sell order, but the act of fat fingering and accidentally submitting the wrong amount of BAN is a mistake that can happen to any of us.. But maybe some more than others.

Most Likely to Be Botting Award

Maybe they talk like a bot, maybe they create them for devious acts. If they are most likely botting for BAN, they most likely deserve this Award.

Most Likely to Be Living in a Bunker Award

Is it a bad connection or could this person potentially be living underground? They always say they want to meet up someday but not at their place. And if they did show up, they would probably be bearing beef jerky and canned goods. Does this sound like somebody you know? They should be nominated for the Most Likely to Be Living in a Bunker Award.

Most Likely to Be a Secret BANillionaire Award

The Most Likely to Be a Secret Banillionaire Award should be considered for a monKey who you think is an undercover whale. Maybe they don't tip that often, maybe they drop hints here and there that they have bundles of BAN. Either way, there are BANillionaires among us.

Most Likely to Plead Guilty for Tax Evasion Award

The world of crypto is full of unanswered questions and lucrative activity, and some of us just aren’t meant to make it to the finish line wearing anything other than a prison jumpsuit. The Most Likely to Plead Guilty for Tax Evasion Award should be considered for the monKey who seems like they’ll eventually get busted for their secret piggy bank.

“Miscellaneous” Awards

Good Cop/Bad Cop Award(s)

One likes it soft, the other likes it rough. We aren’t here to judge whose methods are the most effective, nor the most ethical - but we do want to know whose methods are the goodest and baddest of them all.

In It for the Tech Award

Let’s face it everybody, you’re here for the memes. We know BANANO has some pretty innovative projects and technology, but “I’m in it for the tech” is a common phrase said by people who don’t want to admit the amount of time they spend shitposting.

Tokiest Banana Award

The Tokiest Banana Award should be considered for a monKey who embodies the 420 spirit. They can always be relied on to join you in a sesh, come up with the best highdeas, and they love to chat with and about their best buds.

Happy Helper Award

This award aims to recognize a member of the community who goes above and beyond when helping new comers and fellow citizens in answering questions and providing direction in navigating the wallets, tip bots, faucets, and other community and coin related things.

Activia Award

You wake up, they are active. You go to sleep, they are active. You take a shit, they are sending the 💩 emoji with lightning speed. Does this person ever leave? No. They are Activia.

Fast Fingers Award

Some monKeys can type faster than the next monKey can copy pasterino. Others can claim airdrops and grab a screenshot quicker than you can say 4. Do you know somebody with Fast Fingers? Then you know what to do.

Hackerman Award

They are of above average intelligence. They will bypass the main frame and break into the data base. They are.. *Hackerman*

Karaoke Award

Anybody who has been to a BANANO Karaoke party knows that the Republic possesses some insanely talented people! The Karaoke Award should be considered for a monKey who is known for their amazing musical performances.


The BANANO community knows a thing or two about sweet radio parties and long queues full of excellent tunes. The BANANO DJ Award belongs to the monKey who knows how to put the jingle in the Jungle.

Entertainter Award

Some events will have the Jungles roaring long after the party ends. The best of the best will have the monKeys begging for more. The Entertainter Award is destined to belong to the hostest with the mostest bumpin’ events in the BANANO Republic.

Puzzle Whiz Award

The puzzles created by the BANANO community are innovative and challenging. If you know somebody with 200IQ who almost always seems to crack the code OR somebody who stumps the crowd, they may qualify for the Puzzle Whiz Award.

Trivia Master Award

You know the type of monKey: the one smart ass that already knows they are going to hit their limit on prizes too soon in the game, so they either finish early and softly mock the crowd from the winners’ circle, or they wait patiently, tantalizing the other participants who know that the Trivia Master could strike at any time. This Award is for that type of monKey.

Troll Award

What is it that defines the true essence of Trolling? Is it baiting people with controversial ideas? Maybe it is finely dancing the line between stupidity and genius? Or perhaps it is hiding under a bridge and scaring the shit out of people. Trolling is an art that many attempt but few master, and this Award wants to recognize that.

Benis Award

One of the most common questions we received last year was “What is Benis?” but in the end.. when you really think... What isn’t benis?

Worst Shill Award

Could also be called the Not So Smooth Salesperson Award, the One Annoying Friend in the Group Award, or the I’m Going to Ban You If You Mention That One More Time Award.

Rekt Award

Do you know somebody who has recently or repetitively Rekt themselves in some way? Perhaps they said something they shouldn’t have or did something that had consequences. Regardless, many of you have been Rekt, but only one of you deserves the Rekt Award.

Lazy Genius Award

The truth is, the cryptospace in general is full of extremely bright monKeys.. Extremely bright monKeys who would rather spend their time flinging poo than putting their smarts to good use. The Lazy Genius Award is for the one who has all the potential but all the procrastination.

Funniest Monkey Award

It doesn't matter what they say, they'll still put a smile on your face. Whether it is memes or just good ol’ shitposting, the Funniest Monkey Award is for the comedic that's a natural at making people laugh.

Mr and Miss Banano Awards

Mr & Miss BANANO should eat, sleep, breathe, and bleed 3 things: crypto, potassium, and memes. Ideally, they are also kind, helpful, engaging, reliable, active in multiple facets of the community, well-respected amongst their peers, and seek to grow the BANANO community and coin through hard work, dedication, and pure awesomeness.

And possibly more!

Want to see more Awards hit this list? Comment below your ideas and suggestions and perhaps they will be added to the 2020 BANAcademy Awards in December!

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Creo que incentivar a los miembros de la comunidad y ayudarlos cuando son nuevos, estas personas deberían ganar un premio porque son entregados a ayudar y esa son las personas que hacen Falta en cualquier comunidad, eventos, empresa,en fin..

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ronny rodriguez
ronny rodriguez
19 dic 2020

Deberian darle al Mejor ayudante que Participa mucho y eso bueno

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Sunita S
Sunita S
12 dic 2020

Best Banano best helper Award when anyone needs help there is this one person who have a very very soft spot to help out in need

Me gusta

bb8 fromhell
bb8 fromhell
23 nov 2020

Best Banano couple Award ❤️

Most likely to be drunk Award

Fitness Monkey Award


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I have to put these forward: Most likely to turn Monkeys to the Dark Side Award Most likely to turn the Republic into an Empire Award Unlimited Power Award


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