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Banano Price Analysis

Just found the @bananocoin price talk thread. It's exactly as I would have expected.

— Oops⚡️🎟 (@Irrelephantoops) November 8, 2022

There's a huge upside potential on Banano, and here I'll try to explain my perspective. First of all, please do your own research before buying/selling a coin.

In this article, you won't see some lines in a price chart. It's boring, it's like fortune-telling. Instead, you'll see a fundamental analysis.

What do we have right now?

  • We have Banano (BAN). It's a fork of Nano cryptocurrency. It can be transferred instantly and without any fees.

  • The price of 1 BAN is $0.0045 and the market cap is roughly $6,400,000.

It's clear, right? Let's continue.


Off-topic question, but do you know where does your tax money go? I don't know. Probably, you don't know it either. But I can tell you that I know where the "Team Banano Funds" are going and I know that it's in safe hands.

73.6% of the total supply is circulating, 26.4% is not yet distributed (source). Banano is actively being distributed to:

Banano Ecosystem

There are many coins in which the community asks "can the devs do something???". And always the "devs" do things there. Banano, on the other hand, is quite different. There are so many contributors!

- Banano NFTs: NFTs in Banano network is now being developed. Thanks to everyone who are working on it!

- JungleTV to earn Banano by watching YouTube videos

- dagchat: A Banano wallet with on chain messages and memos

- Wrapped Banano (wBAN): to wrap Banano to use it on different blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum

- Many others are at!


Everything is transparent! You can see how Banano is being distributed using the block explorer:

Any questions, or comments, or memes? You can start a conversation on Reddit, and join the "jungle" on Discord and be a citizen of the Banano Republic.

Thinking and reality is quite different

In 2021, we have seen some ERC20 tokens went to the moon such as Shiba Inu. Now it has a 5B$ market cap, can you believe it?

If my thinking could be a reality now, Shiba Inu would go much lower and Banano would go much higher.

I think Banano is extremely undervalued considering that it has its own network (it's not a token), and it has a giant friendly community that is growing. Banano is definitely not a coin that everyone just buys and expects the price to go up. It's being "used" by many people.

If you haven't joined the Banano community yet, I suggest you to download Kalium wallet app to your phone, it's a very simple and convenient app. Also, Google "banano faucets" and get some free Banano to your wallet from these websites, and see how fast and feeless it is to use Banano. Also join the Discord channel and the r/banano subreddit. You'll see that people are very generous and kind. If there was "tipping/market cap ratio" list for coins, Banano would be #1 in that list.


Banano is a great coin and a great community. Again, please do your own research and make your own decision. And never ask the jungle about price.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to Banano!

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