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There are many ways to trade BAN!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I have both good and bad news to share with you. Let's start with the bad news.

According to the latest news, US citizens and residents will not be able to trade on CoinEx due to the regulatory requirements.

First of all, if you have received this email from CoinEx and have some coins (including Banano) there, please withdraw it to your own wallet before April 24, 2023. Not your keys, not your Banano!

The good news is that the bad news may not affect you!

If you have not received this email, everything is fine! You can continue to use CoinEx.

If you have received this email, you can still trade BAN as a US citizen!

Some ways to trade BAN:

There are many alternative ways to buy and sell Banano from the US (or any other country). One of them is to buy Nano and swap it to Banano:

  1. Buy Nano (XNO) with U.S. dollars from Binance US (or Kraken).

  2. Go to, click the BUY BANANO button, enter your Banano address, and continue.

  3. Withdraw your XNO from your Binance US account to the given deposit address.

  4. As soon as the XNO withdrawal is made (which can take a minute), you will receive Banano in your wallet!

Some other alternatives:

  • Get some ETH (you can buy it from Coinbase, Binance US or Kraken), get it to your Ethereum wallet, swap it to wrapped Banano using SushiSwap. Then unwrap it using

  • Make sure to check the depth of the order books, so that you don't get a bad price: XGO, Mercatox, ViteX.


You may say that, "Banano should get listed on a larger exchange". I agree.

(...) and we're gonna come back with a plan for you, it's a 45-day plan. 45 days to get us on Banance!

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Mar 23, 2023

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