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Banano's 5th Banniversary

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

As you may have heard - it's Banano's 5th birthday!

Whether you're a new monKey or a veteran peeler, all are welcome to join us in this bantastic and potassium-filled celebration!

Banano is famous for our fun, memes, and irreverent nature - and you'll see this as we celebrate in our various jungles in Discord, Reddit, Telegram and beyond.

Check out the events below, and enjoy!

  • Banniversary Banano Trivia: A trivia with lots of Banano and cryptomonKeys prizes. Where: Official Telegram channel When: 13:00 ET / 17:00 UTC

  • BANanagrams: Given a random word, form another word that contains the same letters and that is related to Banano. (Spanish event) Where: Event Room channel When: 15:00 ET / 19:00 UTC

  • Stumble Guys: A special edition of this game with awesome prizes! Remember to previously download it here. Where: Events Voice channel and Event Room channel When: 16:00 ET / 20:00 UTC

  • Brrrrraille Banniversary: With an image in braille you will have to guess the word that describes this great community. Where: Event Room channel When: 17:00 ET / 21:00 UTC

  • Randoniversary: Some random questions related to Banano, or maybe not. It can be regular questions or true/false. Where: Event Room channel When: 20:00 ET / 00:00 UTC

  • Banano×Meme - Banniversary Edition: A special edition of our meme event that will award 19420 Ban to one lucky winner! Take your time to create the best possible meme and follow the rules: - Create your best meme, in English, about the Banano, the community, users, events or anything related to our beloved meme coin. - Post it on the Banano×Meme forum of our Discord Server. - You'll have until Saturday April 1st, 23:59 Tahiti Time (Sunday April 2nd 06:00 ET / 10:00 UTC) to upload your meme. - All the memes created may be used by the people who manage the Official Banano social media. Yes monkeys, this is contraband. - Can post only one (1) meme. Don't overdo it! Or you will be disqualified. - Low effort entries will be disqualified.

A selected group of our Meme Police will be in charge of choosing the winner shortly after the event closes.

+ The Vibernarium channel on our Discord server will be open all day for people to celebrate with their favorite music! + .brains and NFTs drops all day.

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01 апр. 2023 г.

Writing comments on the peel since 2020. WEN mass adoption?

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