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Sports Pools – Decentralized Betting with Banano (NFL & Rugby World Cup Games are live)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The Banano Sports Betting Site you didn’t know you needed is here and has been here since the last Football World Cup in December 2022.

What Is Banano Sports?

Banano Sports is a decentralized sports betting website that uses a two-sided pool system where people can bet using banano on their favorite team but also against other people who are on the other side of the bet.

Compared to traditional Sports books here the total winnings per player is both a function of the losing pool size and individual player bet size in the winning pool. Players are betting on their favorite team while at the same time playing the other players in the ‘betting liquidity’ pool battle kind of thing.

What it means is if your share in the winning team’s pool is 10% you get paid 10% of what was in the losing team’s pool.

Go check it you for yourself, this project is also in the BANANO BUWUSTER competition.

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