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BANANO Sundays: recap of the BANFam Community Call #14!

Updated: May 9, 2022

Here is a recap of what was talked about in sunday's Ban Fam Community Call #14 on discord (you can read this article if you don't know what a ban fam community call is!) Thanks again to Oops#0420, SoggyApplePie#4501, turd#6969 and everyone that took the stage! (Zanefold, SSJ4Link, Ghostcam, Karl... and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone!)


  • Did you get your 19 BAN in the reddit giveaway? Go get them, I'll wait :)

  • The JungleTV "Nice Very Nice Emoji Contest" is ongoing! You have until May 16 to submit your entry and hopefully win one of those Nice Very Nice BAN prizes! (peel link)

  • The "Billboard Music Award" event is ongoing! You have until May 14 to submit your guesses for the BMA winners in each category. If you guess right, you win BAN and NFT prizes! (peel link)

  • Dungeons & Banano (basically Dungeons & Dragons with Banano) will soon have its first D&B livestream on JungleTV! Want to have a sneak peek of their practice sessions? Check out the D&B's youtube channel!

  • Dungeons & Banano's second project is also almost ready: The BAN Games (basically squid games, but with Banano)! Expect a first session soon... and also a huge 3-week long session around Halloween! Many participants, but a single winner!

  • The Ban Farmer event is ongoing!

  • Reminder: The volcano art contest is a recurring drawing contest with 10000 BAN in prizes! It's currently going, make sure to check the dedicated website!

  • Reminder: If you use Wrapped Banano (wBAN) on Polygon, did you know there are 15000 BAN distributed every week through the pooltogether no-risk DeFi lottery (more like a savings account really)? Check out the pooltogether website

  • The Banano Poker tournament happened yesterday, with 100+ participants (20 more than last time!)

  • Thanks to all the people that participated in the monKeybeats music contest! There were 19 awesome entries. Expect another monKeybeats event soon! Also check out the Monkey See Monkey Do event on the cryptomonKeys discord server! (link to join the CM discord)

  • Banano is now integrated with you can now watch all your farms positions and even claimable rewards! Cool fact: Banano is one of the first projects to be integrated, thanks to the awesome work of WTP with the Zapper SDK! (zapper's tweet about it)

  • Shoutout to WhiteFlag, he's been writing a ton of comprehensive tutorials for the Spanish community. Check them out on his peel profile page!

  • Want to write for the Daily Peel? You can message SoggyApplePie#4501 or Oops#0420 on discord! Other option: you can also join the Banano Peel discord server and ask for permission there!

  • Happy mother's day! / ¡Feliz día de la madre!

  • Cool random discord metrics: 870 servers follow the Banano Discord announcement channel! 43% people on the Banano discord are mobile only!

POAP (Proof-of-Attendance token) for attending Banano Sunday #14!

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