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Recap of the Banano Community Call #37

Here is a recap of what was talked about in sunday's Ban Fam Community Call #37 on discord (you can read this article if you don't know what a ban fam community call is!) Thanks again to u/irrelephantoops and u/soggyapplep!


  • Version 2.6.5 of wBAN has been released and announces the return of zap out! Besides the slippage fix, this version allows you to zap out even if you have no LP token in the farm but in your wallet. The UX has been improved to highlight this particular use case. Check out the wrapped Banano site!

  • Reminder that the HotBit exchange will close on June 21. Get your Bananos out before then

  • Check out the Banano Monthly update!

  • Banano Merchs are coming back! Starting with classic stuff: t-shirt, hoodies, socks, mugs, posters... and more special stuff will come if that works out! If you want to submit designs that would look cool on merch, send a message to u/soggyapplep (SoggyApplePie#4501 on the Banano discord) with a transparent, hi-res png!


The video game tournament, finally revealed!

  • The mystery video game tournament that Phantoad has been teasing for months has finally been revealed to be... Banano Unite, a Pokemon Unite Tournament! Keep your eyes peeled for more detailed infos (dates, rules, Bananos & cryptomonKeys prizes...)

  • 44 days until Swole Torchic Day! Keep updated on u/3_meow's STDcount site

  • The current session of the (recurring) Volcano Art Contest ends tomorrow! Draw your entries using the volcano site to compete for the prize pool

  • Want to be notified for future Banano Community Calls? Go to the Banano discord, look up at the top of the channels for #Channels & Roles and select the "🍨 Banano Sundays" role!

  • ... or type the command "-bananosundays" anywhere in the Banano discord server!

  • Want to add a topic to the agenda of the next Community Call? You can use the form in the #agenda-submissions channel of the Banano discord (at the very bottom of the channels list)

POAP (Proof-of-Attendance token) for attending Banano Sunday #37!

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