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The Blue Wizard: The cryptomonKey Which Went Where No cryptomonKey Went Before

​On the night of December 31th, 2020, The cryptomonKeys community celebrated the end of the challenging year we all went through with the revealing of yet another cryptomonKey, the legendary (only 19 mints) New Year's monKey NFT. As part of the tradition in cryptomonKeys , a hint to the theme of the next card was embedded in the image of the New year's monKey. It is a short and barely noticeable line on the TV screen depicting a "breaking news" report: "WIZARD SPOTTED IN THE AREA".

The community went into a spiral of guesses deriving inspirations from the fantasy world, while not being aware that this was the first hint that the creators of cryptomonKeys (@Bantano & @Soggyapplepie) decided to dedicate the newest cryptomonKeys NFT to the influential figure of The Blue Wizard, only weeks after his first appearance.

Who is "The Blue Wizard" ? The Blue Wizard is the nickname and avatar of an affluent, disruptive and anonymous cryptocurrencies and NFT investor who appeared in the social media of the crypto space during December 2020. The Blue Wizard has attracted much attention due to his investments of almost imaginary sums of money in NFTs on the WAX blockchain, his devoted belief in the economic freedom offered by the decentralized cryptoeconomy, and flaunting on social media of his abilities to single handedly manipulate the price of entire NFTs collections. He is solely responsible for the recent rise we saw in the price of Bitcoin origin NFTs, and many other projects. Another way to look at his actions is that he quite altruistically spreads his wealth made with the increasing adoption of Bitcoin. In a recent interview on the Bad Crypto Podcast, The Blue Wizard implies (yet does not fully confirm nor deny) that he was intimately involved in the creation of Bitcoin, if not being THE person behind the legendary entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto. In the images below you can see documentation of the sale of a low mint "The Wizard" Blockchain heroes NFT. It is based on the imaginative depiction of minor figures called "the blue wizards" mentioned in the Lord of the rings mythology . Tolkien himself never described the figures except for the fact that they wore sea blue robes. This NFT was bought by The Blue Wizard (The whale) in mid December 2020 , paying 25000 WAX (1085 USD) for it , a sum that is almost 18 times more than the price of a similar low mint NFT that was sold just a few months before. I believe that this NFT which was minted in August 2020, was the inspiration for The Blue Wizard's nickname, adopted in December 2020.

Below is a screenshot of The Blue Wizard's wax account before he recently adopted a new wax address carrying his nickname. You can see the evidence for the vaccuming activity of The Blue Wizard, buying NFTs on the WAX blockchain in sums over 1 million USD. Buying, but not selling.

The blue wizard cryptomonKey

THE BLUE WIZARD, card 30 in the cryptomonKeys series, was revealed on the 9th of January 2021, and was distributed randomly and freely to collectors who signed up for the raffle via the cryptomonKeys discord server and Twitter. It is of an epic rarity (only 91 mints). It shows the decision of the creators of cryptomonKeys to return to the main theme of cryptomonKeys and that is notable entities in the blockchain and cryptospace. The image shows a cryptomonKeys adaptation of a blue wizard, with his grey long beard, magical robe, and a blue flame levitating right above his right hand. On the left side of the image is the entrance to the "Hidden garden" , alluding to The Blue Wizard's twitter account at the time, "Hiddeninthegarde1"(As mentioned before, he recently adopted new accounts carrying his "The Blue Wizard" nickname). On the upper right corner is an imaginary depiction of the wizard's home, with appropriate influences from the Lord of the rings mythology. Right next to the figure of The Blue Wizard on his left is a sign mentioning locations within and beyond the image itself, while also mentioning the never ending aspiration of all crypto currencies to reach the moon, and the "WAX museum", which was the hint for the next card in the cryptomonKeys NFTs series.

Acceptance and Beyond:

Within hours the card revealing was brought to the attention of The Blue Wizard , who reacted in a characteristic manner on his twitter account.

His invitation to buy the card in an exchange for a possible reward drove others to purchase The Blue Wizard cryptomonKey NFT in prices 1.5 to 10 times (Almost 30k WAX) the price of any other cryptomonKey of the same rarity .

The Blue Wizard (The whale), by just responding to the card revealing, created a chain reaction of "pay it forward" wealth spreading. Several lucky collectors who won the free The Blue Wizard (NFT) sold it and were able to improve their quality of life significantly, for example several sellers were able to buy new computers. Conclusion: The Blue Wizard cryptomonKey marks several new milstones in the history of the cryptomonKeys NFT series. It broke new price records, but more importantly, it showed that the cryptomonKeys collection has based itself as a pivotal actor in the NFTs world and has started to interact with other entities beyond its own collector community.

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Mac Buie
Mac Buie
05 Mar 2022

Great read! I bet he could fart and pump Ban to 19 cents


28 Oca 2021

Well-written Shimmy!

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