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BANANO x BINGUS Charity Vote

We all know that monKeys love giving a helping hand to other monKeys, and animals in the crypto community need to stick together. That’s why, BANANO has been asked to participate in a super special community vote for charity!

We are being given a special opportunity to vote on how Bingus and The Giving Block allocate a generous donation of $2000 USD to Virunga National Park, Project Chimps, and Friends of Bononos!

Here’s the best part: All three charities will receive a portion of the donation, and the BANANO community gets to decide how that is split up! Please vote by reacting on the Sesh Poll, posted in #eventsnstuff

Voting will be open from now until September 9, 19:00 EDT.


1. Virunga National Park (

Virunga National Park is Africa’s most biodiverse protected area, currently protecting 1/3 of the world’s endangered mountain gorilla population.

Project Chimps provides lifelong care to former research chimpanzees at its 230+ acre forested sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains. With your donations you can help get them from the lab to their forever home.

3. Friends of Bonobos (

Friends of Bonobos is dedicated to the rescue, sanctuary and rewilding of endangered bonobos. They seek to preserve the rainforest where bonobos live, and work with communites and local government to tackle the root causes of bonobo endangerment.

Thank you to the Bingus project team, The Giving Block, and all 3 charities for their selfless work and dedication to combining charity and crypto.

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