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BANANO x BINGUS Charity Vote

It’s amazing that crypto is not just changing and improving how humans live, but animals too.

This week, BANANO was given the opportunity by Bingus to vote on how to allocate a generous donation of $2000 USD to Virunga National Park, Project Chimps, and Friends of Bononos via The Giving Block.

The vote lasted from the 6-9th of September, and over 100 monKeys voted for their charity of choice.

Per the poll figures, the distribution of $2000 USD is as follows:

- Over 50% of the votes were for Virunga National Park, which is an all-encompassing charity that helps not just primates, but our other animal friends and their habitats.

- Over 22% voted for Project Chimps, a charity focused on the rescue and rehabilitation of lab chimps.

- Over 23% voted for Friends of Bonobos, another organization which works to preserve and improve the lives of bonobos and their habitats.

What was especially cool about this event was that originally, the plan was to have the BANANO community vote on which single organization would receive the complete donation of $2000 USD. It was after some discussion that we decided donating to all three was the most inclusive and fun way to give to charity, so all three charities received a portion of the donation.


1. $1080 USD (in ETH) to Virunga National Park (

Virunga National Park is Africa’s most biodiverse protected area, currently protecting 1/3 of the world’s endangered mountain gorilla population.

2. $450 USD (in ETH) to Project Chimps (

Project Chimps provides lifelong care to former research chimpanzees at its 230+ acre forested sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains. With your donations you can help get them from the lab to their forever home.

3. $470 USD (in ETH) to Friends of Bonobos (

Friends of Bonobos is dedicated to the rescue, sanctuary and rewilding of endangered bonobos. They seek to preserve the rainforest where bonobos live, and work with communites and local government to tackle the root causes of bonobo endangerment.

Thank you once again to the Bingus project team, The Giving Block, and all 3 charities for their selfless work and dedication to the rescue, sanctuary, and protection of our primate friends, and your pivotal roles in merging crypto and charity.

Be sure to check out Bingus and The Giving Block on Twitter, and hop in their telegram to say hi or ask any questions!

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