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[CONTEST] Create a BANANO Invitation Card. THE RESULTS!

The moment we've all been waiting for: fresh out of the oven, the results of the Create a Banano Invitation Card Contest have arrived! The judges have made their decision after reviewing more than 80 valid submissions and here are the results:

The 1st place and

15000 BANANO goes to:



Check out the original post here.

For the 2nd place we have a TIE :o and

10000 BANANO for each of them.

Congratulations to:

Jimmyldu#3753 & joseit0#5870

Original posts here and here.

The 3rd place and

5000 BANANO goes to:



Check out the original post here.


- 669 BANANO to the Funniest Cards:

By: moonrocket#4312

By: JavaMaster#2298

By: subimpact#6281

- 919 BANANO to the cards with bigger social media impact:

JavaMaster#2298 Tyberos#9121 Nat#1847 Eva.carolgelina#0147

- And 1069 BANANO to 25 designs that judges considered as Outstanding ones.

Here are some of them:

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners! BANANO has definitely the best Crypto Community out there and it's all thanks to you!

Thanks as well to all the judges for their help and for making this contest possible.

cutepancake#6757 - iazid#3291 - WhiteFlag#7553 - ambisont#3185 - bb-8#0450

*All prizes has been sent at the BANANO Discord Server through the BANANO Tip Bot. Including 20000 BANANO split between all valid submissions. #Contest #Event #Results #bb8

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