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[EVENT] Last Monkey

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Giveaway of over 20,000 bananos!

Guys, it is time that Banano hopped on the 2018 video game craze of Battle Royale. Many monkeys will enter, but will you avoid bantanamo?

We have created Last Monkey. Here are the details in a helpful easy to read, no one could possibly use to cheat post:

What: Last Monkey is a battle royale discord event. Each round Higgins will do some secret math behind the scenes where each participant will have a 50% chance of going on to the next round. These rounds will continue until either one or no participants remain. The final participant will receive all the bananos for that round. Those who do not remain will be arrested for the remainder of that round.

Who: Citizens are able to participate for the first three events, with a fourth event open to anyone after the initial three.

When: Saturday, September 5, 18:00 EST

Where: In the Events Channel on Discord.

Why: To win Bananos, of course.

How: Register in the Events Channel on discord using “+register lastMonkey” to participate in the citizen only one and “+register lastMonkey2” for the fourth round. There is a secret: if you give incorrect or secret math problems during the event, it cannot hurt your chances of winning.

First Round Prize: 2500 Bans

Second Round Prize: 3000 Bans

Third Round Prize: 10,000 Bans

Fourth Round Prize: 5,000 Bans


Here are the rules: This is a battle Royale game within discord. The last monkey standing wins the pot.

1. The first three rounds are citizens only. The fourth round is open to both citizens and noncitizens.

2. Each participant must register in #-events-and-giveaways using “+register lastMonkey” and/or “+register lastMonkey2” at least one day prior to the event.

3. Each participant acknowledges that they may get arrested.

4. Each of the events consist of a number of rounds where individuals are eliminated using secret math where roughly each participant has a 50% chance of being eliminated.

5. Last participant who remains will win the pot.

6. In the event that there is a tie or all participants are eliminated in a single round, the pot will be added to the following round.

7. Secret maths are important.

Special shoutout to Maffs for automating this event.

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