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GoBanMe: Donate to Creators

GoBanMe is a pretty neat browser extension that was made to tip your favorite websites (and now, youtube channels) Banano. It also functions as a rudimentary wallet.

Essentially, you can microtip your favorite Banano related websites like JungleTV, Yellow Spyglass, or various faucets. The funds will go to the creator's wallet. There's even a 'Discover' Tab where you can find a lot of websites that support GoBanMe.

It's been around for a while, but recently it was finally updated.

For Firefox, this update makes GoBanMe more like a wallet, letting you send banano to any address, not just website operators. There will be many more updates to come, with the intent of GoBanMe becoming a "Metamask" of sorts for Banano. Additionally, youtube channels with a banano address in their description can now be tipped!

For Chrome, there are now huge usability improvements!

Download it here for Firefox

Download it here for Chrome and Chromium

Want to add GoBanMe support for your website? Read here.

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