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Halloween Emoji Design Contest Results


The 2nd Annual Halloween Emoji Design Contest & Spooky BANGO event was a yuuuuge success. Thank you to everyone who participated!! We all had a lot of fun and it was a crazy Halloween season, with likely the most Trick🧛‍♂️ or Treating🍫 we have ever seen.

We are excited to announce the results of this year's Halloween Emoji Design Contest. Here is a recap of the prizes: 🥇1st - 7000 BAN

🥈2nd - 5000 BAN

🏅3rd, 4th, 5th - 2000 BAN each

🙊Cryptomonkey NFTs for the Top 10

🏆15000 BANsplit amongst all submissions that are included on the Bango Cards

🎁9000 BAN being given away in special secret rewards

So 🥁🥁🥁

🥇 First Place

7000 BAN + 1 cryptomonKeys NFT



🥈Second Place

5000 BAN + 1 cryptomonKeys NFT

Sad Dino RIP

Madeleine 💞#5506

🏅 Third Place

2000 BAN + 1 cryptomonKeys NFT

Venomkey Jimmyldu#3753

🏆 Fourth Place

2000 BAN + 1 cryptomonKeys NFT



🏆 Fifth Place

2000 BAN + 1 cryptomonKeys NFT



Congratulations to the other members of the Top Ten who will also be winning a cryptomonKeys NFT!! Phantoad#4762

Psyck[Oz] Repowered#5049

Rexona_Teens - Koé#2442

Frena91#5415 Sky#1182

Congratulations to all the other participants that were included in this year's Spooky BANGO! We had well over 100 submissions to Emoji Bango and over 100 participants to BANGO! 🎉🎊 Halloween was a great success. See you next year for another round

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