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[Event] Hemoglo-Ban - RECAP

Banano's first blood donation event is a success!

In honour of the World's Blood Donor day (June 14th, 2022), here is the official recap of the Hemoglo-Ban event, which lasted from February 28th to May 10th! During this period, 69 proud Banano citizens from all over the world have showcased great acts of selflessness and solidarity for their communities!


40% of participant were first-time donors, which is an insanely positive realization when you take into consideration that most of them are probably going to go back on their own in the future! According to this study, the long-term commitment of donors is achieved by implementing strategies to donate more frequently in their first years, so you can expect a second edition soon tm.

From a total of 19 countries over all continents (except Antartica**), 50% of the participants came from USA, Venezuela and Germany!

**: Please dm me (Rah#3343) on discord if you know anyone living in Antartica willing to donate blood ;)

Since 1 donation can save up to three (3) lives, this event has by itself saved over 200 lives of people who depends on bloods transfusions! :clap: :clap: :clap:


All 69 participants received 1000 BAN in addition to the Epic Hemoglo-Ban monKeystack!(remainders airdropped to cryptomonKeys NFT collectors and distributed via tipbots, monKeymining and monKeymiles.)


-''It was my first time too for the event but I kinda liked it and I will (God willing ) keep doing it like every 3 months or so''

-''I got a notification today saying that my blood helped save someone''

-''We are a group of 4 people who have been citizens of discord for years and we are donating for a 16-year-old boy who has a tumor in his arm''

-''Awesome idea to get donations! I had always thought about donating, this was the perfect extra push to get it done. I'll be a regular donor from now on and I would bet many others will too. Great event and great community!''

-''I really hate the feeling of the blood pumping back in after centrifugation. Disgusting feeling holy shit''

-''Thanks for the inspiration to donate blood! I'm glad I did it!''

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1 Comment

Laurent Mathis
Laurent Mathis
Jun 14, 2022

Thanks a lot

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