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Jungle Rave 2022: Come Taste the Rainbow

Greetings fellow sweaty crypto apes. Do you like music? Do you like free banano? Do you like shitposting?

The gay Fanta of the jungle are throwing a Pride themed rave on JTV on Saturday June 25th starting at UTC 1900 followed by the GayRice event at 2000 UTC! Stay up or wake up as we ring out Pride month in true fashion!

DJ Tafa is rolling out house, funk, hip hop, and gay anthems all night. TIPS. RAIN. BRAINS. BRIANS.

Join us in JTV chat and bother 3Meow. Shitpost in the event room to troll me! Do both to agitate SoggyApplePie.

Special thanks for all the gays and gaybes that helped me drive this rainbow colored short bus: Altariasong#2201, SoggyApplePie#4501, Enki#1919 (against his will), 3Meow#3113, DyspraxicGoat#9419, Akufishheads#6969, OviRussianSpy#2698, and K-#8001. Y’all are bussin FR FR (did I say that right?)

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