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Jungle Welcomes Bébé to BanFam

It is always a momentous occasion when a new bébé is born amongst our Republic, and it is certainly always a call for celebration when the BanFam grows by +one.

That’s why, when word got out that our fellow monKey Kesse was expecting a little one, a few of his friends rallied up to do something extra special. The Daily Peel covers all, including an exclusive interview!

Since newborns don’t interview well, we caught up with the father of the already-famous baby.

To begin, it only seems fit to get to know Kesse a little better by providing some backstory on him and his journey with BANANO.


Hi, I am known as Kesse#7731- I joined the banano-community on the 19th of January 2021 (yes a blessed time to join!). Even though it has only been a few months, I feel like I have been a part of the jungle for several monKey-years! I have never met such a fun, interesting and heartwarming community.

Those cold corona days just flew by in the jungle where I participated in all kinds of activities such as karaoke, black monkey, banano rain, banniversary, fitfam, trivia, posting memes, chatting with fellow monkeys and much more! This also led to me finding cryptomonkeys which are the coolest and most adorable NFT’s out there! Now, I feel like a monkeymaster trying to collect all the cryptomonkeys!

Anyway, back to banano. I’ve had this idea of saving up banano for my future child’s 19th birthday. To do that, I had to find a way to get some banano, so I joined in on the awesome idea of fighting diseases by running protein fold simulations through Folding@Home. I recommend you to try it too!

I also found out that by being an active monkey in the jungle, I could actually get my hairy hands on some extra sweet potassium-rich banano! I told the jungle about my plans and everyone loved the idea.

A Bébé Is Born

Fast-forward to the 13th of April this year where my girlfriend and I were blessed with a beautiful little monKeyboy! Little did I know that while being in this baby bubble, one from the jungle had come up with an idea.

@Psychivy#9321 from the discord had reached out to people from the banano and cryptomonkey community and organized signed congratulations on a birthday card made by SoggyApplePie. You can see and read the card here.

Reading all the wonderful messages full of happiness and love brought a tear to my eye.

The Gift of Potassium

These amazing people also donated to my new little bébé, so he always would have some extra potassium and could join the jungle anytime! Thanks for the mind boggling amount of banano bébé received (16431.55 banano). I have made a separate account and will have to defend the bunch of banano for the next 19 years. I also transferred an extra amount of banano to his account. He will know that his dad is truly a master of memes and memecoins when he receives 19191.9 ban on his 19th birthday. At that time, I hope the price of banano will still be 1 ban = 1 ban!

Special Thankyous

I want to thank especially Psychivy for spending so much time stalking my chat history and DM’ing people who I had interacted with in both communities. I know this must have taken many hours to do! So, thanks and love to you my Dutch friend!

Also, I am grateful for all the beautiful and fun messages I have received and of course also the banano donated to bébé.

SoggyApplePie, thanks for bringing the messages together in a beautiful card with your unique artstyle. <3 Banfam is best fam! Thanks for being an awesome community!

And thank you, Kesse. Since you have arrived in the BANANO community you have been nothing less than kind, helpful, and lots of fun. We truly look forward to keeping up with the developments of this tiny monKey until the day they can be welcomed into the Jungle as a citizen of the BANANO Republic.

Thanks again to everybody who provided love, good wishes, and donations.

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