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Lost in Exchanges? We Made You A Map

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

If you are a monkey in the jungle and you need some potassium and want to buy BAN, or you need to buy some other stuff using your BAN, you will need to find an exchange. But, with the continuously growing list of exchanges listing BANANO - realizing its awesomeness! - you might get lost. For example, you may want to buy crypto but you do not know where to buy, how much it will cost you to make the purchase, if you should to move your bans around, or if that coin is even available. Finding the best exchange can be a bit challenging, since you need to compare the trading fees and minimum withdrawal limits. Losing your BAN on an exchange is stressful, and a great way to make sure your BAN won’t get stuck in an exchange is to understand the stipulations and fees of our current listings.

In order to solve this issue, we have constructed a table for you containing all the info, such as minimum withdraw, and withdrawal fee, and more. See the table below for more information!

And voilà, now you have your go-to table to compare between the various exchanges, helping the monkeys in getting their business get done fast!


  • Ataix fees is pairs and volume based. For volume less than 100 BTC it is 0%,0.3% for maker and taker respectively for BAN/BTC and 0%,0.2% for BAN/DOGE.

  • All the numbers are collected on the time of writing.

  • We will be updating the table with any new information.

See something you want to change or add? Comment below!

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1 Comment

Apr 12, 2020

Awesome overview!

Mercatox has no XRP pair tho, it's XRB/NANO.

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