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Meme Challenge: Magic Tool Bus

Uhh, we mean, Magic School Bus

This weekend, a meme challenge started after an image of the TV show The Magic School Bus was posted in the main chat channels of BANANO. Monkeys were asked to create a meme out of the following template:

Memes of all kinds began to pour in to the Jungle and the #not-so-dank-memes channel, with payments of shitposting appreciation ranging from 19 BAN, 119 BAN, and 420 BAN.

Since there were so many good memes, The Daily Peel went through and collected some of our favourite submissions to the Magic Tool Bus Meme Challenge.

Here they are:

Thanks to everybody for participating in this challenge.

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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2020

High quality memes right there. That was a nice little contest.

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