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Nano Airdrop & Booster Event

It's been long awaited and it's finally rolling out! The Banano Airdrop to Nano holders was held back much longer than anticipated. Now those juicey Banano's are starting to hit people's wallets. This article will cover

  • Who Qualified

  • How to Claim

  • The Booster Event (Nano/Banano Buildoff)

Who Qualified:

If you we're holding Nano in your wallet (not an exchange) prior to March 1st, you may have qualified. A snapshot was taken before March 1st, and the balances of all Nano addresses were scanned. It does not matter what happened with the Nano after the time of the snapshot. If you were holding nano in your nano_insertyouraddress, you may receive Banano to the identical ban_insertyouraddress. If you had elected a Nano representative with >1% voting weight, you have also received an extra bonus! Want to check? You can view your nano_address on Nanocrawler. Take the same address, replace the nano_ with ban_ and check on Banano's creeper. If you see some BAN sitting there in pending waiting for you, congrats!

How To Claim:

So we've sent Banano to your address. How do you access them? The same seed/mnemonic works for both Blockchains. What this means, is that if you have a seed to a nano_address, you also own the equivalent ban_address. The same goes for Banano. If you own the seed to a ban_address, you also own that same nano_address. We sent Banano to the ban_address identical to your nano_address. So to claim them, you need to load the seed/mnemonic into a secure wallet option. Kalium, Vault, and Banano.Nault are options.

There are two ways to do this, depending on whether you are already logged into a wallet or not, so I will describe both below:

Claiming (Not Logged In To A Wallet Already):

Load your seed/mnemonic into one of the wallet options linked just above. If you are encountering issues, please make sure you are inputting the right type (seed/mnemonic) into the appropriate field. On Kalium there is a button in the top right to toggle between a seed/key inputs. Since you own the keys to this wallet, there is no need to withdraw. You can carry on using this as your wallet as long as you wish, although you are free to withdraw to another wallet at any point.

Claiming (Logged In To Another Wallet Already):

Kalium and Banano.Nault are equipped with sweeping features. What this means, is that it can scan a seed for coins, and withdraw them all to wallet you're already logged in to. If you are already logged into a Banano wallet, and do not wish to log out, this is your preferred option. For Kalium, refer to the "Load from Paper Wallet" option on the left-side-panel of the app. For Banano.Nault, go to their Sweeper Tool in the advanced settings. Input your private key, and the wallet will scan for funds, then prompt you to withdraw them to your current wallet.


Also check out the Original Publish0x & Medium Airdrop Announcements *if funds were on a ledger please refer to this comment **some wallets give BIP39 or 12 word mnemonics. If funds were in these wallets they may be unable to access the airdrop. Check here: ***it is wise to be careful with your private keys. Scammers and malicious actors are everywhere, and it's important to do research. Always refer to official wallets and double check urls before inputting sensitive information.

Now What? The Booster Event

There is a Nano/Banano buildoff happening! The first round is running from May 10th to June 20th 2021. Here are a few ways you can support the ongoing development of the two projects:

  • If you donate at least 50% of your airdropped BAN to the Build Off Prize Pool (ban_3boost5r4bosii4c3ad6yubf5npmkgm5rb7kecyzmnu337p9bta8kgikb1a4) The Banano team will contribute an additional 50% of the donated amount on your behalf.

  • The top 30 donating airdrop accounts will have a seat on the Contest Jury.

  • We've created a #booster channel within the Banano Discord server for further discussion.

For Full Details Please Refer to the Publish0x & Medium Booster Event Announcements.

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