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[EVENT] National Banano Day

One week after the launch of Mainnet, it's National Banano Day!

What does that mean? Honestly we don't know yet... Which nation? We can only guess it's the Banano Republic. Regardless, Ceefs (ChocolateFudcake) declared it on that glorious day in 2018, and Mike confirmed the declaration. So it's decided, it is now a thing!

The following year Azuleto did the honorable duty of reminding you all that April 8th is National Banano Day. This year it is the Daily Peel’s turn to let you all know as we try to consistently provide you with the ripest Jungle news.

So chug some sweet sweet activia and come say hi to everyone, as there is sure to be a party going on throughout the day.

#Events #News #JungleNews #Oops

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