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[NEWS] Jungles Welcome New Pup into BANFam

It was a very special Tuesday in the Jungles while the monkeys patiently waited for the announcement of the arrival of BANANO’s newest and cutest member, a puppy named Hazel.

To prepare for this joyous day, the monkeys designed and passed around a Welcome card for the young pup. Many took the time to sign the card, while others congratulated Hazel’s new owner, StarTendo Crossing (A.K.A. Banano Boy), with warm messages and tips.

The Peel reports that Banano Boy’s first night with Hazel was a success, apart from her waking him in the middle of the night for attention. We caught up with the doggo Dad himself to ask him about the smooth and RUFF parts of puppy parenting, and this is what he had to say:


SoggyApplePie: Is this the first time you’ve raised a puppy?

Banano Boy: Yes. Its also the first time I had a dog to call my own.

SoggyApplePie: That’s huge!! Wow! I am sure you are learning quickly what a big responsibility having your own dog is. How is it so far? Banano Boy: Its doing fine. Hazel is doing better on the potty training

SoggyApplePie: Aww.. positive reinforcement goes a long way for those things! I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it soon. I know the BanBoy+Hazel fans want to know: What did you and Hazel think of the welcome card?

Banano Boy: It was perfect. Though snappa needs to give another activia bone. Hazels just ate it.

Fun fact: Hazel has a sister

SoggyApplePie: Hahaha!! I’ll put in the word for more bones. Wow! What’s her name? I bet hazel loves having her sister around Banano Boy: Hazels sister is named Isabella SoggyApplePie: Awww! How sweet. Is it nice seeing them play together? Banano Boy: Yes. They always wrestle. SoggyApplePie: What are some challenges you and Hazel are going to overcome together? Is there anything you want to make sure you train her to do really well? Banano Boy: Hazel and I are trying to get our sleep schedules in order. I will train her to sit and shake hands.

SoggyApplePie: 🙂 It sounds like you have some good goals to work on together. Is there anything you and or Hazel want to say to the Jungle? Banano Boy: Hazel says that big things come from the smallest of people.

We hear that, Ban Boy. With no further introduction necessary, here she is: the lady everybody’s been dying to lay their eyes on, HAZEL!

Thank you to everyone who signed the welcome card and in general made this day jovial and one to remember.

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