Banano NFL Playoff Bracket 2022

Updated: Jan 11

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Image credit: @Ryūjin#3999

Welcome to the Banano NFL Playoff Bracket 2022. Come test your skills at predicting (or guessing) the winners of each round of the NFL Playoffs 2022. Win some great Banano and Cryptomonkeys Prizes!

When: NFL Playoffs Starting January 15th 2022 - Bracket will be updated and picks can be submitted shortly after the games this Sunday (January 9th).

Registration Ends: January 15th 2022 21:30 PM UTC / 16:30:00 PM EST to get your picks in before then

Prizes: Banano Prizes!

1st Place - 1500 Bans

2nd Place - 1000 Bans

3rd Place - 500 Bans

All participants that predict the correct winner for each game will share ban splits and CryptomonKey NFTs for top 10 players

Banano Discord Citizens can participate

Instructions to Join the Bracket:

  1. Must be a Citizen of Banano Discord (join from

  2. Go to

  3. Fill in the information required. Make sure your screen name is your full discord ID (IE. USERNAME#1919 as this is how we know how to send you a prize)

4. Click Join

5. Click on the “Edit Picks” Tab

6. Fill in your picks for the whole Playoff, you will need to choose all your games from the start.


  • You have until 1/15/2022 21:30 PM UTC / 16:30:00 PM EST to get your picks in

  • 14 team bracket

  • Pick all 13 games, including the super bowl, before the kickoff of the first wildcard playoff game

  • You also need to choose how many points will be scored in the Superbowl; this is used as a the tie-breaker

  • If you pick a winner, you will get awarded points. It doesn't matter who that team is actually playing.

  • If you pick a winner in Round 1, but you have them playing the wrong team in round 2, you will still get credit for correctly predicting winning teams in round 2.

7. Click Save Picks

8. Done. Enjoy the playoffs

How Scoring works:

Extreme Progressive Pick 'Em

Double points for every successive round

» 1 point for each correct pick in Round 1

» 2 points for each correct pick in Round 2

» 4 points for each correct pick in the next Round, etc..

Tie Breaker:

Total Points in Super Bowl

Tie Breakers are calculated as follows:

If multiple players are tied for the highest points for any given week (or for the championship game in tournament type pools), the player with the closest tie breaker prediction, regardless if they are over or under, to the actual tie breaker value is the winner. If multiple players are still tied, then the player who entered their tie breaker value first*, wins.

* = The player with the earliest date/timestamp for entering their picks.

Please note that the date/timestamp is updated every time a player's picks and/or tie breaker are edited.

Any Questions:

Please reach out to @OviRussianSpy#2698 or @SSJ4Link#8807

Banano NFL Playoff Bracket 2022

Hindi by @Jatt#2303

Image credit: @Ryūjin#3999

Banano NFL Playoff Bracket 2022 me aapka swagat hai. Aaiye aur NFL Playoffs 2022 ke harr round ke vijetao ki bhavishyavaani (ya anumani) karne. Kuch behtareen Banano aur Cryptomonkeys inaam jitiye!

Kab: NFL Playoffs January 15 2022 se shuru ho rahe hai Iss Sunday (January 9) ki game ke baad Bracket update kiya jaega aur aap apna chayan submit kar sakte hai. Registration ka anth: January 15 2022 21:30 UTC/ January 16 2022 03:00 IST se pehle apna chayan submit kare.

Inaam: Banano Inaam!

1st Place - 1500 Bans

2nd Place - 1000 Bans

3rd Place - 500 Bans

Saare participants jo harr game ke vijetao ka sahi anumaan lagenge wo sab ban split share karenge aur Top 10 players ko CryptomonKey NFT milega.

Banano Discord Citizens hi hissa le sakte hai.

Bracket join karne ke nirdesh:

  1. Banano Discord ka citizen hona zaruri hai (idhr se join kare:

  2. idhr jae.

  3. Jiss jankaari ki zarurat hai wo bhare. Sunishchit kare ki aapka screen name aapki poori Discord ID hai (jese USERNAME#1919 kyuki hame aise hi pata chalega ki aapko kese inaam bhejna hai)

4. Join click kare

5. “Edit Pics” tab par click kare

6. Apne chayan poore Playoff ke liye bhare, aapko shuruwaat se hi apni saari games ka chunav karna hoga.


  • Aapke pass 15/1/2022 21:30 UTC / 16/1/2022 03:00 IST tak ka samay hai apne chayan ko submit karne ke liye.

  • 14 Team brackets.

  • Pehli game ke wildcard kickoff se pehle, saari 13 game ko chune, Super Bowl ko milakar.

  • Aapko ye bhi chunna hai ki Superbowl me kitna score kiya jaega; ye ek tie breaker ke taur par istemaal kiya jaega.

  • Agar aap ek vijeyta ko chunte hai, aapko points milenge. Ye fark nahi parta ki wo team kiske sath khel rahi hai.

  • Agar aap ek vijayta Round 1 ko me chunte hai, lekin aapne unhe Round 2 me galat team ke sath khelte hue dikhaya hai, aapko phir bhi Round 2 ke sahi vijayta ko guess karne ke liye points milenge.

7. Save picks par click kare

8. Hogaya. Playoffs ka maza le.

Scoring kese kaam karti hai:

Extreme Progressive Pick 'Em

Harr agle round ke liye double points

» Round 1 me harr sahi chayan ke liye 1 point

» Round 2 me harr sahi chayan ke liye 2 points

» Agle Round me harr sahi chayan ke like 4 points, etc…

Tie Breaker:

Super Bowl ke total points

Tie Breakers aise calculate kiye jaenge:

Agar kai saare players highest points ke sath tie hote, hai kisi bhi hafte ke liye (ya phir championship game tournament type pool me), jis player ka tie breaker sabse nazdiki amumaam hoga, bhale hi wo tie breaker value se upar ho ya neeche, wo vijayta hoga. Agar phir bhi kai players ka tie hai, to jis player ne sabse pehle* tie breaker value daali thi jeetega. *= Wo player jiska chayan enter karne ki sabse pehli date ya timestamp hai.

Kripiya dhayaan de ki date/timestamp jab bhi player chunav karta hai ya tie breaker edit karta hai to update hota hai.

Koi sawal:

Kripiya @OviRussianSpy#2698 ya @SSJ4Link#8807 se sampark kare.

Previsioni sui Playoff della NFL 2022

Italiano by @TrolLime#3385

Creatore dell’immagine: @Ryūjin#3999

Benvenuti alle previsioni della community di Banano sui Playoff dell’NFL 2022. Testa le tue capacità nel prevedere (o indovinare) i vincitori di ogni round degli NFL Playoffs 2022. Vinci premi in Banano e Cryptomonkeys!

Quando: i Playoffs dell’NFL iniziano il 15 Gennaio 2022 - I posizionamenti saranno aggiornati e le previsioni potranno essere caricate subito dopo la fine delle partite (9 Gennaio).

Le registrazioni all’evento finiscono: 15 Gennaio 2022 alle ore 21:30 PM UTC / 16:30:00 PM EST devi aver fatto le tue scelte prima di quell’ora

Premi: Premi in Banano!

1° Posto - 1500 BAN

2° Posto - 1000 BAN

3° Posto - 500 BAN

Tutti i partecipanti che prevedono il vincitore corretto per ogni partita avranno dei ban splits e ci saranno NFT di CryptomonKeys per i primi 10 classificati

Possono partecipare solo i cittadini sul server Discord di Banano possono partecipare.

Istruzioni per fare le previsioni:

1. Devi essere Cittadino del Banano Discord server per partecipare (entra cliccando su:

2. Vai su:

3. Compila le informazioni dove richiesto. Assicurati che il nome sia il tuo ID discord completo (ES. USERNAME#1919 così che possiamo essere certi dell’utente a cui effettuare il tip)

4. Clicca su Join

5. Clicca sul bottone “Edit Picks”

6. Inserisci i tuoi picks per l’intero Playoff, avrai bisogno di scegliere tutte le partite dall’inizio.


  • Hai fino al 1/15/2022 21:30 UTC / 16:30:00 EST per fare le tue scelte

  • Gruppo di 14 squadre

  • Fai previsioni su tutte e 13 le partite, includendo il super bowl, prima del calcio di inizio della prima partita, tra le wildcard, dei Playoff

  • Devi anche scegliere quanti punti saranno segnati nel Superbowl; questo sarà utilizzato come spareggio

  • Se prendi un vincitore, ti saranno dati punti. Non importa quale sia il team che sta giocando.

  • Se prendi una squadra corretta e vincitrice del Round 1, ma questa gioca contro la squadra sbagliata nel Round 2 e vince comunque, ti sarà dato il premio per aver preso la squadra vincitrice del Round 2 in ogni caso.

7. Clicca su Save Picks