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Banano Rocket League 1v1 Tournament [24/07/2021]

How To Participate?

  • Download Rocket League for FREE on your console of choice. (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)

  • Sign up with your Rocket League and your Banano address (if you do not, you cannot be paid):

  • There are no restrictions to play so this is your opportunity to get your friends into Banano!

  • Slots are limited to 32 players!

  • Please register as early as possible so we can gauge interest.

Download links:


  • When: July 24th, 19:00 UTC.

  • Tournament Name: Banano

  • Tournament Password: benis

  • Prizes:

1st: 2500 BAN

2nd: 1500 BAN

3rd: 1000 BAN

4th: 500 BAN

New to Rocket League? Here’s how to connect to the tournament when the time comes

Select “PLAY”


Select “CUSTOM”


5 minutes before the start time, enter the tournament name “Banano” and password “benis”:

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