BANter Chess#2

How To Participate?

  • Create a account with your discord username (as nickname or in the bio)

  • Join the BANANO Discord, go to the channel #-events-and-giveaways-and-bots and send “+register chess”. (You should receive a confirmation message from Ta’aroa)

  • Open to any member of the Banano Discord

  • Registration will close on May 28th, 20:00 UTC.


  • When: May 29th, 23:00 UTC

  • Duration: 2 hours (voted by the community)

  • Tournament link will be sent on Discord, be ready.

  • You can join anytime, we suggest you enter a lichess tournament before-hand to try it out.

  • bring a bottle of water 🚰

  • Prizes: YES

To learn more about Banano, read this article:

Any questions? Nobody ? Fine, see you at the tournament :)

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