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Shuttlecock's Banano Cryptography Puzzle #4

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

This puzzle contains information about either the seed or mnemonic phrase for three Banano wallets. Information about the mnemonic phrase may be found within both the puzzle title and the image.

Title: Yin-Yang

NOTE: While there are three wallets, please do not claim more than one prize. This is to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning something. Participants who have claimed one prize should refrain from participating in teams to win the other prizes.

The Banano prizes have been generously sponsored by the Banano Jungle Council.

Each of these winners will also win a cryptomonKeys NFT, generously sponsored by the cryptomonKeys' monKeyprinters. To claim the cryptomonKeys NFTs, please DM @shuttlecock#3376 on Discord, after you have solved the puzzle. You will then receive further instructions on how to proceed.

A hint will be posted on this article if this puzzle is not solved within a week.

Solutions will be revealed once all the prizes have been claimed.

All the best, and most importantly, have fun!

NOTE: You may find it helpful to look at my previous puzzles.



Puzzle #4 has been solved! Here are the solutions.


The puzzle comprises a Banano logo surrounded by 24 sets of lines of different lengths. These sets of lines are hexagrams from the I-Ching. Paying close attention to the hexagrams reveals that they are the the hexagrams for the numbers 1 to 24. This corresponds neatly with the 24-word mnemonic or seed phrase that is needed for a Banano wallet. This strongly suggests that the information that you can find on each hexagram corresponds to the position of the word within the 24-word seed phrase (e.g. hexagram 19 would be position #19).

Puzzle 1. 200 BAN

This is the easiest puzzle. Focus on the outer most ring of the image:

Here, we see that the circled text reads: 68 75 72 72 79. This information is in hexadecimal. One clue that the information is in hexadecimal format, is that the numbers go from 0-9 and the letters from A-F. Another clue (more loosely connected) is that we are looking at hexagrams.

When we convert the information from hexadecimal to text (more specifically, to ASCII), we see that 68 75 72 72 79 is hurry. The hexagram that this information is on, represents the number 14. So this word is #14 in the 24-word seed phrase.

We proceed to do the same for the other words, and we get the following:

1 maze 2 board 3 doctor 4 clean 5 team 6 display 7 baby 8 party 9 kidney 10 unusual 11 silk 12 machine 13 own 14 hurry 15 tray 16 market 17 sibling 18 purse 19 monitor 20 car 21 dizzy 22 blind 23 sand 24 cool

And the puzzle is solved.

Puzzle 2. 300 BAN

This puzzle is a little more difficult. This time, we focus on the inner ring of text:

Here, we see that the circled text reads 20 31 30 38 37. The information is, again, in hexadecimal. But when we convert 20 31 30 38 37 from hexadecimal to text, we get 1087. This is because 20 in hexadecimal is a space (in ASCII). What can we do with this information?

The answer is to refer to the BIP-39 word list. The BIP-39 list is a list of 2048 words. All the words in seed phrases are taken from this list. An interesting feature of the BIP-39 list is that the first 4 letters are unique to each word within the list. That is, there are no two words in this list that have the same first 4 letters. This means that if you have the first four letters of the word, you effectively know the word (by referring to the BIP-39 list).

Returning to the topic, we simply need to find the 1087th word on the BIP-39 list, which is march. The hexagram that this information is on, represents 9. So this word is #14 in the 24-word seed phrase.

We proceed to do the same for the other words, and we get the following:

1 slush 2 train 3 grocery 4 foster 5 episode 6 zero 7 child 8 keen 9 march 10 beach 11 science 12 kick 13 snap 14 peasant 15 mountain 16 require 17 welcome 18 abuse 19 manual 20 bike 21 warfare 22 capable 23 coral 24 swallow

And the puzzle is solved.

Puzzle 3. 500 BAN

This puzzle is not necessarily the most difficult. However it involves a little creative thinking.

Recall that the title of the puzzle is Yin-Yang. In the context of the hexagrams, an unbroken line is "Yang", and a broken line are "Yin". The solution to this puzzle requires you to do some simple calculation: take the number of Yin, and deduct the number of Yang. There are 78 Yin and 66 Yang on the image, and 78 - 66 = 12.

The number 12 is, however, neither a 24-word seed phrase, or a 64-character seed or private key. The solution is to put 12 through the SHA256 hash function. There are various websites where you can do so, one of which is here. A similar step was required to access Wallet #3 in Puzzle #3.

Once you do so, you get a 64-character seed: 6b51d431df5d7f141cbececcf79edf3dd861c3b4069f0b11661a3eefacbba918, and the puzzle is solved.

An interesting clue: the I-Ching was created in the Zhou dynasty, which ended in 256 BC.

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