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Shuttlecock's Banano Cryptography Puzzle #1

Update 1: 1st hint revealed! Check the end of the post for more details.

Update 2: Puzzle has been solved! The solution is at the end of the post.

This puzzle, when solved, reveals the 64-character seed for a Banano wallet.

Title: K

Information about the 64-character seed is encoded within both the puzzle title, and the image.

This wallet currently contains 1.9 ban. The first person to solve the puzzle will receive 1000 ban, directly from the Jungle Council.

Here are the instructions to claim the prize:

(1) Solve the puzzle. This is the hardest step.

(2) Send the 1.9 ban in the “prize wallet” to your own wallet.

(3) Then, from your own wallet, send 1.9 ban to shuttlecock’s wallet — ban_3nk5wum1u3n33xyarnnu5twbmjeowmxgu4m8u1egkiooworbitbxq334bhai.

Upon completion of Step (3), shuttlecock will inform the Jungle Council that the puzzle has been solved. The Council will then transfer the 1000 ban directly into your wallet. (Please note that due to time-zone differences and other potential delays, you may not receive your prize immediately.)

Here’s an image to make things clearer.

NOTE: Do not send the 1.9 ban directly to shuttlecock’s wallet from the “prize wallet”! If you do that, there is no way for us to verify your wallet address.

Prize wallet address: ban_19omg5g4i63z3kt4ty3hymobu6ubeiyikifuipnefgfrn18bbjq53f784j5u

Once the prize has been claimed, the solution will be posted on the Banano Discord Server. If you have any queries, please DM shuttlecock#3376 on Discord.

NOTE: One hint will be provided here, for every 24 hours that the puzzle remains unsolved. Come back here to find out what they are! All the best, and (most importantly), have fun!



Hint #1: K = Konami


ABBREVIATED SOLUTION (courtesy of Deem#4219, who solved the puzzle) Each row contains 8 characters of the Banano seed, and the ‘chunks’ of 8 must be arranged in numerical order (the row number). To determine the correct character, apply the directional portion of the Konami code to each 3x3 grid within the row

FULL SOLUTION (1)The rows are labelled by numbers, whereas the columns are labelled by letters. Neither the rows nor the columns are arranged sequentially. Three possibilities emerge: (i) rearrange only the rows, (ii) rearrange only the columns, or (iii) rearrange both the rows and the columns.

(2) Each row/column comprises eight 3x3 “grids”, each containing 8 numbers/letters and a black square. The numbers range from 0–9, and the letters range from A-F. (i) The presence of letters rules out the option that this is a simple sudoku-puzzle. (ii) The presence of repeated numbers/letters in the same 3x3 grid (e.g. see grid C1 which contains two 2s; or G1 which contains two Fs) rules out the option that this a complicated sudoku-puzzle. (iii) We can infer that the black squares in the middle of each 3x3 grid are irrelevant to the solution. Or at the very least, we can infer that the black squares in the middle of each grid need not be “filled in” with some letter/number.

(3) The title (“K”) is our next clue. The chemical symbol for potassium is K. The atomic number of potassium is 19. Unfortunately, both are irrelevant. This is because the 64-character seed phrase uses numbers from 0–9, and letters from A-F.

(4) What kinds of code start with K? Unfortunately, this part of the puzzle is mostly guesswork. If you search around on the Internet for a bit, you’ll stumble on the Konami code. This is confirmed by Hint #1.

(5) The Konami code is “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A’. (i) The Konami code doesn’t involve upper-left, upper-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right. These are irrelevant. We can ignore the numbers/letters in these positions, in each 3x3 grid. I.e. we can ignore the numbers/letters in the corners of each grid. (ii) The Konami code ends with ‘B, A’. But the GIF that’s posted along with the Hint “K is Konami” does not include letters. The letters are irrelevant. (iii) Recall that we were faced with 3 possibilities in (1). If the letters are irrelevant, we rule out options (1.ii) and (1.iii). So, we rearrange only the rows.

(6) After the rows have been re-arranged, we apply the Konami code, from left to right, to each 3x3 grid in each row.

That is: 1st grid (take the number/letter in the UP position); 2nd grid (take the number/letter in the UP position); 3rd grid (take the number/letter in the DOWN position), 4th grid (take the number/letter in the DOWN position), 5th grid (take the number/letter in the LEFT position), 6th grid (take the number/letter in the RIGHT position), 7th grid (take the number/letter in the LEFT position), 8th grid (take the number/letter in the RIGHT position).

This gives us the following result, which is the seed key of the wallet: Row 1: 01CF08A4 Row 2: 1829750B Row 3: EBB7F6A0 Row 4: BF700FA8 Row 5: 637FAF4B Row 6: 87A49097 Row 7: 21962BCB Row 8: E348EF34

Hope you had fun! Next puzzle will be released in about 2 weeks.

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